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Private Training Gets Results. Gimmicks Don't.

Our staff of certified personal trainers will create and implement an effective exercise routine centered around three main components:

In designing a custom fitness program with a Fitness Together personal trainer, you begin to understand why our clients keep at it long after others have dropped out of their gym. You have your own fitness goals.


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Lakewood/Lee's Summit
Fitness Together 905 NE Woods Chapel Rd
Lees Summit, MO   64064
(816) 347-8833

Leawood/Overland Park
Deer Creek Shoppes
Fitness Together 13370 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS   66213
(913) 451-2200

Prairie Village
Prairie Village Shops
Fitness Together 11 On the Mall
Prairie Village, KS   66208
(913) 236-8383



Peter S.
Peter's Story:

In all honesty, it was not me who decided to participate in my first sessions at Fitness Together at the beginning of the summer, it was my mom. With the massive amount of schoolwork and video games I was playing towards the end of my freshman year of high school, I had stopped running and had become a bit overweight and out of shape as a result. Being only fifteen and one of the younger clients, I was a bit shy before going into my first class at Fitness Together; however, even during my very first session, which was a “Pack Workout”, I felt welcomed by both the trainers and my group members. By the end of the workout, I was more fatigued than I had been in a while, and, actually, I liked it. Like I said, my mother made me go to the classes for a while in the beginning; it wasn’t until a couple weeks or so after my first session that I actually wanted to go to the sessions. Even then, my motivation was only because my parents had come up with a plan that stated in order to play video games, I had to lose weight. The plan was set out in three stages of weight loss, each granting a certain amount of time per day: 5 pounds lost meant that I could play on the weekends, 10 pounds lost meant I could play 8-12 at night during the week, and 15 pounds lost meant that I could play unlimited.* As I progressed through multiple sessions three times a week at Fitness Together starting in June, my endurance and weight loss goals were quickly being met, and within two weeks, I had lost 5 pounds*. Within another two weeks, I had lost 10 pounds*, and in about the middle of July, I had lost the fifteen pounds* I had to lose to play unlimited games. Yet, here I am, in late August, and I still participated in Fitness Together Pack sessions, not because I have a certain goal or because my mom is making me, I do it because it’s ironically fun to workout at Fitness Together. I’ve made good friends with all of the clients I know, and the trainers are excited for you to succeed. You can tell that the trainers don’t just spontaneously generate workouts for you to do when you walk in; rather, they plan out the workouts with deep thought beforehand and make them according to what will push you to the best of your ability to help you achieve your goals. David is right when he says, “It’s not supposed to be easy.” Because of this, I now can run a mile in about 6 minutes, an unthinkable task before I started at Fitness Together. When I see results, like my mile time, that have come from my sessions.…..it gives me motivation to keep coming back for more and having a blast while doing so.