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Our Owners

Russ Yeager, CFT, CPA

Russ Yeager, CFT, CPA

Owner, Fitness Together Johns Creek and Dunwoody

  • Bachelor of Science - Business - Auburn University
  • Masters of Accountancy - Auburn University
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Speaker
  • Author of "Live Longer, Feel Better, and Look Great Naked

Hello, my name is Russ! I remember growing up going back to school shopping for the "husky" pants. I hated it! I was always uncomfortable taking my shirt off and my confidence definitely suffered. My dad showed me how to lift weights when I was about 10 years old, and I was hooked! I quickly became obsessed with working out and fitness and studied everything I could get my hands on. I went the traditional route of going to college and getting a corporate job in accounting as a CPA, where I started to work my way up the corporate ladder.

However, I never lost my passion for fitness, and after winning an international physique transformation contest in 2002, I decided to turn my passion into my career. I became certified as a personal trainer and started working with clients part time in person and online. In 2006, I took the leap and quit my corporate job and opened my first Fitness Together Private Personal Training studio. My team and I have helped thousands of women and men transform their bodies, health, and lives, and I’m not stopping until I help as many people as possible.

I am now 45 years old, run three businesses, and am a dad of three amazing children. These increased responsibilities combined with being told at the age of 35 that I had the hips of a 65 year old, I quickly realized that I need to do things differently than I had in the past! I still train hard and take pride in my physique, but like my clients who are mostly over 50, my main focus now is on creating the health, energy, vitality and longevity to do the things I love with the people I love most. Our passion, purpose, and expertise at Fitness Together is helping individuals in their 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond achieve the health, energy, vitality, and body they want and deserve so that they can enjoy the life they have worked so hard for, without working out hours every day and giving up the foods they enjoy.

If this resonates with you and you are ready for change, please click the link below to receive a complimentary private personal training session and functional fitness and health assessment to take the first step towards "turning back the clock" to maximize and enjoy the life you have worked so hard for!