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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results.*Individual exercise results may vary.

Claire K.

My name is Claire, and I’m a 58-year-old musician and volunteer living in New York.  I started working with the trainers at Fitness Together Cold Spring Hills about 5 months ago. 

Since I’ve been at Fitness Together I’ve lost 30 pounds and re-gained my energy and strength.*  My clothes fit better and I can run up the stairs again! *

On Long Island there are hundreds of gyms and exercise programs to choose from.  What makes Fitness Together in Huntington stand out is the personal, low-key environment.  It is all about health and not hype.  The trainers are knowledgeable and friendly.  Bob, the owner, is on site and always available, and cares about the progress of each client.  The regular fitness tests provide objective measurements that show how far I’ve come and where I want to be. 

It’s never too late to take back your health.  And Fitness Together is the place that will help you every step of the way.*


Dawn Kiely

Fitness Together Cold Spring Hills ROCKS!!!  Bob Mittleman and his trainers are wonderful, motivating and knowledgeable.  From the moment you walk in you are encouraged to reach your goals and supported during the process.  I joined less than 2 months ago and could not be happier.*  I definitely made the right choice when I chose Fitness Together Cold Spring Hills.


Mary D'Amico

I have been a client of Fitness Together since 2007.

I find my time at Fitness Together has been rewarding along with being fun. The trainers are there for you. They are dedicated and want you to succeed with your goals.

Each workout is tailored to your needs and fitness level which I find to be the best of both worlds as I find that the format of my exercises program at Fitness Together is consistently challenging.

I love it!


Mark F.

About 4 months ago, I finally came to the realization that I absolutely had to do something to get myself back into shape.   I’d gotten to the point where I wasn’t just the “big guy” anymore, but I’d become the “fat guy”.  I didn’t have the energy that I’d always had.  My clothes didn’t fit.  I looked terrible.  I even tried to avoid being in family photos or videos because I was so unhappy about how I looked.   I was worried about my long-term health.  And worse of all I could barely keep up with my young son and all his activities.  

I knew it was going to be a huge uphill climb and that I wasn’t going to be able to do it alone, and that a gimmick diet or “as seen on TV” exercise machine wasn’t going to get me to where I needed to be and sustain it.   I knew that joining a large, impersonal gym to work out on my own wouldn’t be an effective approach to create the change that I needed.  I was going to have to modify my behaviors and build new habits centered on exercise and better nutrition, and I knew I was going to need coaching and guidance and support to get me there.    

That’s where Bob and the Fitness Together team come in.  Bob spent time with me to understand my goals and learn what would work for me, and he crafted a program specifically to meet my goals.*  I met with Susan, the wonderful nutritionist, and she helped me develop a healthy eating plan that worked for my tastes and my lifestyle.    And they measured my baseline fitness level to serve as the starting point for my journey.

I began my fitness training that got me started with core strengthening, cardio, and stamina work.  I was challenged and pushed hard every step of the way, but we had a blast doing it.  No two sessions were the same, so there was none of the boredom that I’d experienced before.  And it is so very evident just how much FT truly cares about my progress. 

The past three months my training program was changed up.   We alternately work on strength and tone, balance and core stability, and weight training and boxing.  He takes the time to show me how to do the exercises properly and stretches me out to prevent injury and keep me able to train.  FT carefully plans out every session in advance, and he’s always monitoring my progress and fine-tuning the workout to ensure that I get the very most from it so I accomplish my goals.   There is no way I could work so hard and accomplish so much without FT's expertise, encouragement and support. *

My results so far have exceeded my expectations – in 4 months I’ve lost 40 lbs, have lost 6 inches off my waist, and I can now run over 8 miles in my 60 minute treadmill/elliptical cardio sessions.*   I have seemingly endless energy, I sleep better at night, and my family has commented that I seem so much less stressed out.*  And best of all I beat my son downhill skiing last week!  

I know my journey is a marathon and not a sprint, and that I have to sustain my healthier exercise and nutrition habits.   I still have a long way to go, but I’m confident that with the guidance and encouragement of the FT team, I’ll get it done and keep it that way.

Thanks Bob and your team for all your support! 

Mark F


Chuck Merritt

Before I started training at FT my running times averaged 9:30 per mile.  After training the last 8 weeks, I am below 9:00 minutes per mile.* I feel stronger than ever and recover much faster.* The combination of interval training, nutrition and exercising different parts of my body has become a winning formula for me.*



Debra Lund

I’ve been with FT for a little over a year and I can say it has changed my life.

When I started a year ago I was overweight and out of shape. I didn’t like looking in the mirror and was self-conscious. FT was just the type of place that I needed to keep me motivated and driven. They push me hard, but know my limits. Every workout is fun, challenging, new and so rewarding.

The results have been wonderful. I lost 30 pounds without starving and have significantly reduced my body fat.* I have so much more energy and endurance, which has enabled me to keep up with my very active kids and husband. I’ve increased my self-confidence and don’t hide from the mirror.

At 40 years of age, I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life and I owe it to FT.


After *

Susan G

I just wanted to write a note of thanks. You have helped me accomplish so much and have changed my life for the better. My clothes fit better, I mean my "new" clothes! *That really feels great. But very old clothes fit too. My confidence has risen. I have completed a 5K, which I never had thought possible.* And plan on doing another! 

I feel like my old, younger self again, not invisible anymore. People actually seem to notice me again. I don't feel self-conscience and am enjoying my life, because I can do more now. I used to be winded just walking up a flight of stairs, now I fly up them. I feel so much stronger. I can feel my core strength and it makes me carry myself differently.* So much has changed. I never thought I could lose 22 lbs.* I had tried so many diets. Nothing really worked. Now I can say I see it possible to lose another 20, easy*. I never had abs in my life! 

And I know I'm not always easy to work with. I grumble, complain and procrastinate at times. But just know I appreciate your knowledge and the changes it has made in me. I work hard and you work hard. And I know that this is a commitment I will keep with myself because I feel so good. I definitely do not want to go back to the unhappy, out-of-shape person I was before. 

You make me laugh while doing some of the hardest exercises. So my friends you have made a difference. You are no less than a 20. And I hope you continue helping people like me become alive again. 

You do awesome work! Keep going.

Thank you for believing in me and for pushing me when I didn't think I could do it.



Mitch Parker

I am just so happy with the time Bob and his staff spends with me.  Who likes getting up in the morning to work out? Not me.  Somehow, Fitness Together makes it fun, educational and most importantly have put me on the right track to health.*  Thank you!!!


Keith Striga

One of the all time great success stories....Keith Striga, client at FT Cold Spring Hills, completes the Disney Half Marathon (his 1st Half Marathon).* Congratulations.


Studio Record Holder in the Rope Slams FT Challenge

Carolyn Holstein

Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson talks about his awesome experience at Fitness Together Cold Spring Hills!!!*


Michele F.

Michele talks about her awesome experience at Fitness Together Cold Spring Hills!!!*


Adriana working it out!!!
After *

Adriana Coffey

Stefanie DeRaro Loving Her Training Session!!!

Stefanie DeRario

Carol getting ready to slam that ball!!!

Carol Brower

David Schoenberg

David Schoenberg talks about his awesome experience at Fitness Together Cold Spring Hills!!!*


Marianne Cimino

I have been coming to Fitness Together since November 2007.  At that point, I was about 25 to 30lbs overweight and feeling sluggish, not to mention my clothes were going up in size.  I had done one-on-one fitness training before and I knew it would work.  With Bob and his staff this time was different.  They all gave me tools about nutrition and portion control that helped me succeed.  They all challenged me with my workouts and pushed me beyond anything that I thought I could achieve in my 40’s.*

With the hard work and determination that they provided me with every workout, I lost the 30lbs in 8 months.*  Some days it can be quite challenging for me but the outcome has made me want to stay where I am and start another goal.  Keeping strong is what I strive for now.  The staff loves what they do and that’s the motivation for why I have done so well.  They all try to make a connection with you.

I am now in maintenance mode, doing 2 days a week and continue on my “off” days with cardio.*  I know that if I need any help they will be there.  With Bob and his staff, they have made working out for me a promise to myself that I could make the years ahead healthy, happy and longer. 


Marianne Cimino


John Sohn

Dear Bob,

I wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for all of their help in helping me become the new person I am today. From my first experience at the studio, till today, I have loved my workouts and the way my life has changed since we first met.

My goals coming on board were to tone up my body, increase my cardiovascular capabilities, and lose fat in my mid-section. I remember my first fitness evaluation and how scared I was of the results. I could hardly complete a push up. I had little if any flexibility and I was overweight. You told me to hang in there, do the work that was required and I would see the results. I did as you told me and I am extremely pleased.

I have never felt better both physically and mentally!!!* I love the days that I am scheduled to come in for my workouts. They are always the highlight of my week. Thank You!!!!!


Suzy Volkman

Thanks so much! I was very happy with my goal was 2:30, so when I finished in 2:18 it was unreal!!* I felt great & ran strong the whole time. I didn't stop for the bathroom at all & only for quick sips of water.

The miles just kept coming up & flying by so fast, each mile marker I hit, I couldn't believe I was there was weird!! And when I realized how well I was doing, it made me run even harder. I finished 1 hour & 2 min ahead of my one friend and then my other friend ran the full marathon on Sun. She maintained my pace the whole way & finished in 4:29:06...she was also ecstatic! You would love the Disney Marathon, you should totally do fact, you should do the Goofy"....that's when you run the half on Sat & the whole on Sun! I will definitely be back again next year, MAYBE even for the whole marathon but definitely at least for the half! Oh & by the was 27 degrees in Fla. the day of my race! Also, the race started @ 6AM & we had to catch a shuttle by 4 AM which means we woke up at 2:30!!!!! The biggest negative (other than the 6am start time) was that there were so many people moving so slow & I had to weave my way through the crowd. I just stayed all the way to the left & kept passing people.

Anyway, it was such a great experience & an awesome feeling of accomplishment, thank you so much for putting me on the right track, & giving me the confidence to do this thing right!!! Talk to ya soon!!


Eliana Feldstein

Hi Coach Bob,

I just wanted to thank you for your coaching to help me achieve a life goal of running a marathon. Last Fall, I ran the Westchester Marathon, my first marathon ever. It seemed like such an unrealistic goal, but by working with you for 10 weeks, and following your plans, the goal became much clearer and easy to visualize.* When I crossed the finish line, it was a very emotional experience for me because I had achieved something that I had really wanted to do since high school. Now, I look forward to working together to improve my marathon PR. Thanks again!


Barry Hill

My Fitness Together Experience 

            I decided to go to Fitness Together because I was at a point in my life of change.  I had been through a long separation and then a divorce.  I had tried to keep fit most of my life through exercise, weight training, running and an orbital machine.  But having the kids changed my focus and priorities, and thinking about myself became nearly impossible.  I recently tried on my own to get fit, but could not develop the regularity and self-discipline required. I was also very out of shape and could not run for more than five minutes or do more than 6 pushups.*

            I liked the idea of one client, one trainer one goal.  I had received a flyer in the mail and had always wanted to try a trainer, to get in shape and learn more about training and exercise. I made an appointment to see Bob, and he spent a lot of time talking with me.  He seemed to really understand my goals and obstacles, and I explained that I wanted to get more mental focus.  Mental focus begins with being fit.  I’m a writer and I wanted to be able to focus on the things I was trying to write.

            Bob showed me around and set me up with a schedule and payment plan that worked for me.  I came to the facility and worked with Angela.  Over the next few months. Angela became my fitness guide, friend and sometimes psychologist.*  I was surprised how easy she was to get along with on so many levels. She planned varied workouts that forced me to use every part of my body and work my heart through cardio exercise.

            All I really needed to do was to show up.  She would take care of the rest.  The workouts were always different and fun, and I did many different kinds of exercise.  I also tried to exercise when I was not working out with Angela, and that really helped.  After each workout, I used one of the cardio machines at Fitness Together.  The exercise on my own hastened my development.  I was shocked when I took my first fitness test after working out a month.  I had improved both strength and cardio endurance at a pace that I had not been able to achieve on my own.*

            I started to feel more energy and focus.*  I was even more confident, as now I was out in the single world again.* I think the one asset that really helps when dating is to look your best.  And being fit really helps that more than anything else. How your present yourself in person is very important to a potential partner.

            I found that I started to think more about my fitness.  At the train station, I challenged myself to run up and down the stairs.  I never use an escalator. I park far away at any store and take a brisk walk. I also will use wait time at the train to stretch.  It is amazing what a change in attitude can do for your health, and that is what I was able to achieve at Fitness Together.*

            I also found that I thought more about my diet.  I went to a nutritionist and my eating habits changed.  I gave up the ice-cream and the cookies.  I thought more about long term achievements instead of short-term pleasure that eating provides.*

            So now I can do 40 pushups and run 3 miles in the park.*  It took a few months, but now I run up stairs without a huff.*  It feels great to be fit, and I could not have succeeded without Fitness Together.*  And by the way, after three months at Fitness together, I got my first piece accepted for publication.*  Being fit needs to be the center of any life plan, and there is no one better to be able to help plan and implement that goal.


Barry Hill


After *

Rachel Teague Borowski, Las Vegas NV

“I had hit a significant plateau for six months after losing the initial 40 lbs on my own. Fitness Together broke that plateau and it really started coming off quickly!* I am down 16 dress sizes.* I am most proud to carry my "before" pictures (I never am without them) to encourage others and show people it can be done.”



Sarah Roche

What good is spending all that money on a photographer if I won't want to even look at myself in pictures? That's the question that brought me to Fitness Together. It was taking me more than walking on a treadmill to get me into "walking down the aisle", wedding day shape! I knew I needed a little TLC with my workouts. All it took was one workout at Fitness Together, and I knew it was a perfect "fit". Every time I go to work out, I know the trainers have something special in store for me. No one workout is the same, which keeps me and my body guessing - and the workouts fun and effective! They know their stuff - and they have plenty of workout "toys" to keep it interesting. I've belonged to other personal training gyms where they stand over you while you're on a boring machine and they write in a chart, but this place is different and hands down THE BEST gym I've ever belonged to. I feel like I have a celebrity trainer when they get the boxing gloves out or get back to basics to get my heart pumping or do those upper body exercises that will make my strapless wedding gown look beautiful! As I wear my t-shirt and work out with my trainer in one of the Fitness Together private studios, I can see and feel the difference and I know it's the best wedding money I can spend to look absolutely gorgeous on my special day!*


Lauren Dolinsky- Now Malkoff!! :}

Dear Bob and Fitness Together staff,

What can I say to a group of true dedicated professionals who have touched my life, and the lives of so many? THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I truly can not express my gratitude enough for your encouragement, support, and guidance.

You are all so dedicated to your jobs. I love how you go above and beyond, by familiarizing yourselves with woman’s nutrition, as well as what exercises work best for women. This thoroughly impressed me, as most trainers I have had in the past focused mainly on upper body. Another thing which exemplifies dedication is attendance; I could not believe how some trainers drove all the way from out east during a SNOW STORM. If that is not a prime example of dedication, I don’t know what is. If I had to cancel a session, I was always thrilled that the staff was able to fit me in another day during the week so I would not miss my workout!!!!!!!

Encouragement and Support:
When I first started at Fitness Together I was a bride to be!! Most brides go into “shock mode”, when it sinks in that all eyes will be on them during their wedding day. You all encouraged, and inspired me to reach my goal weight. You pushed me when I did not think I had the ability to be pushed any more. When I wanted to quit, I was encouraged to go further!! This raised my confidence, and forced me to strive harder. It also taught me a valuable lesson, “Always give it your all”. Thank you for supporting me to reach my goal!!

Thank you all for always going that extra mile, to teach me the proper techniques and exercises to keep healthy. Furthermore, and most importantly, I have learned that exercise is only half of what is necessary. Nutrition is key to not only losing weight, but for my health. Before I used to eat huge portions, and often felt sluggish and unmotivated to exercise. Fitness Together gave me the nutritional tools necessary, to change my eating habits.* Since then I have slept better, and had a great deal more energy.*

Thank you all for always taking extra time to answer my questions, and give me the support I needed to not only lose weight, but change my lifestyle. The warmth, and kindness makes Fitness Together a welcoming environment.

Warmest Regards,


Jill Glass

Dear Bob,

How do I express my gratitude to someone who has changed my life entirely? Before I came to Fitness Together I had not exercised in 10 years. Now I work out 6 times a week*. I had my first re-evaluation about 2 weeks ago and the results were astonishing. I lost inches everywhere!!!!* Friends and family members can’t believe the difference. My energy level has increased tremendously and I feel great.*

This is a complete lifestyle change for me and although I still have a lone road ahead, I have no doubt that my enthusiasm and dedication will continue thanks to the staff at Fitness Together.

Thank you for making me realize that it’s all worth it!!!!



Jennifer Beach

After noticing a slow and steady weight gain and the effects of an indulgent holiday season, I made the commitment to myself, just like I’ve done before and just like many people do, to take that weight off for good and develop better habits. Only this time, I knew I was a novice at exercise and the thought of how to even start an exercise program was enough to throw in the towel before I could even begin.

I promised myself I wouldn’t dump myself into a big, busy gym, setting myself up for disappointment; I’ve already been through that before. This is what lead me to inquire about Fitness Together’s approach to personal training and how it could help me overcome the obstacles that were preventing me from sticking to my commitment. Of course, it was right on the money!

Firstly, my obstacles were motivation, knowledge and direction. I was not terribly overweight, not experiencing any medical conditions, so I could not make up any excuses. I knew where I wanted to be with my fitness level, but had no idea how to get there. This is where my FT trainer, comes in. Starting off with basic routines & core exercises, FT has structured a plan to keep me from burnout and keep me encouraged. Getting through these “basic” routines after the first few weeks really helped my motivation and positioned me to safely go to the next level and begin to see results. It was this supportive and rewarding atmosphere that finally had me sticking to my commitment and wanting more.

As the weeks went by, I noticed the real value of a having a dedicated and organized trainer who I’ve come to trust, who is there for me at every session, every step of the way and keeping me accountable. I would never realize the significance of this relationship if I were working out in a big gym with the many distractions. I am also noticing at this point, that I have more stamina throughout my workout, even as FT finds the time to increase or decrease the intensity of the workouts, whether it’s cardio or core exercises.* I find it to be helpful and important to follow FT's advice, such as staying after my workout session to continue to do cardio on my own.

Now, months have passed and I can see the results I have worked for and how I could not have possibly reached this point on my own. Not only am I nearing my goal weight, but I am also nearing my goal fitness level. To me, this is a little different than achieving a number on a scale. The hard work is paying off dividends as I sleep better, my body metabolizes and uses food efficiently, my general mood has improved, I have more energy during the day and of course my clothes fit much better!* I can’t imagine undoing the work and investment I’ve put into myself.

My work continues, but just to offer a few examples of how far I’ve come: I can remember that when I started working out with FT, seven months ago—I could barely run a quarter of a mile without getting winded. Now, I’m ready for a 5K run and looking forward to a surpassing that! I can also remember not being able to withstand a 30 second plank exercise and I can now exceed one minute and with varying complexities.* The feedback I receive now from co-workers, friends and family range from noticing the weight loss to noticing muscles.

I have much appreciation for the dedication and care that goes into each of my visits to Fitness Together; the environment and attitude of all the trainers is friendly, fun, energetic and down to earth.


Sameera Kahn

Just to let you know that I have done exercise programs before but was never confident that I was doing everything properly. Since I joined Fitness together I feel great and have more energy than I could have ever imagined.* With my crazy schedule there was no way I could fit it in, but the staff at Fitness Together helped design an exercise program that specifically worked for me, helped me transform my body and lose the excuses. I need to be pushed, and the Fitness Together training staff does just that. Their guidance has kept me focused and motivated as I approach my fitness goals!* Thank you!


Debbie Brondo

“I'd like to let you know how grateful I am to all the trainers that have worked with me since I began your program earlier this year. I was diagnosed with osteopenia which meant that 60%of the female population my age had greater bone density then I did, but not low enough to be classified as osteoporosis. I recently repeated the bone density test and no longer have osteopenia.* I can't thank you all enough for being there for me and having the patience to deal with all my other issues as well - bulging disc, 2 pinched nerves, chronic lower back pain, torn meniscus and hernia. In spite of all these things, you challenged me with just the right resistance training that I could handle to get my bone density back to where it should be. Your trainers are the most encouraging group I have ever worked out with in the last 33 years (and there have been plenty).They've motivated me to stick with the program and not give up on getting my health back and to continue to train to be the best that I can be.* Again please forward this huge THANK YOU to all.”


Melinda Greenhouse

Fitness Together has helped me transform my life physically and mentally.* Before Fitness Together, I had joined other gyms and paid good money but never went, even though my intention was to lose all this weight. When I walked into Fitness Together, I had a great feeling about the gym that was different from any other gym I had belonged to in the past. The trainers are personally committed to helping you reach your goals and your success is their success which brings a smile and encouragement from them. The members are very friendly and encouraging.

The breaking point for me was when I turned 36 years old. I was the heaviest that I had ever been. I was engaged two years ago, it didn’t work and it was a very difficult time for me. I took comfort in food which led me to weighing 200 pounds the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life. As a result, I felt a lack of energy. I would run out of breath walking up the steps of the subway with my friends. At this point I decided to join a gym because, it scared me that I’m so young and shouldn’t feel this way. I wanted a supportive atmosphere where I would feel comfortable working out. I found that in Fitness Together.

Things have changed for the better since I joined Fitness Together. Most noticeably, I have more energy.* I can walk up the steps of the train station without losing my breath.* To me that is a huge accomplishment. I can now do 30-45 minutes on the elliptical machine whereas when I started I was out of breath after 5 minutes.* I’m also able to face each day with a more positive outlook. I never thought I could be inspired to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to work out. I feel like a new person because of the support that Fitness Together has given me in helping me to reach my goals.

Thank you,