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Your Dangerous Desk Job

Feb 7, 2013

For more than five decades, scientific studies have linked the effects of sedentary lifestyles with elevated risks of life threatening conditions like high-cholesterol and heart disease. If you’re a dedicated desk jockey or a chronic couch potato, finding the time to take frequent stretch and exercise breaks is absolutely critical.

When the body stays seated, or still, for long periods of time, your muscles begin to lose the ability to metabolise fats as they normally do. Easy ways to combat this workplace atrophy include taking a ten minute break every hour and a half, standing and pacing while on the phone, making frequent trips to the water cooler, or even adjusting your position every so often to create crucial muscle activity.

Of course, anything you can do to stay mobile throughout the day will help you in the long run, but the most effective means of staving off the effects of a desk job is a regular exercise routine. Try breaking up your workday with quick trip to Fitness Together. Even a breif session during your lunch hour will do wonders for your body.


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