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WHY YOU SHOULD USE A TRAINER: Motivation, Education, Accountability

Sep 2, 2015

A personal trainer should get you to enjoy what you are doing (or minimally despise it) and motivate you to continue exercising. Workouts that a trainer will provide far exceed the sit down and push experience that most health club goers are provided. Training sessions are creative and versatile, they are functional and transferable to the outside world, they are challenging, progressive and systematic.

A great certified personal trainer will also provide education. Many trainers gain knowledge beyond basic fitness certifications by obtaining advanced certifications, degrees or attending specialty workshops. If you are pregnant, have an existing injury, want to change the appearance of your body, or are trying to improve performance then seek out a trainer who has experience and expertise in these areas. The differences can be staggering.

Lastly, a great trainer makes you accountable to yourself. Let’s face it, most of us do not enjoy exercising. A trainer will get you to show up more often than you will on your own. It is an appointment and it will cost you if you do not show up which will improve your attendance rate. Plus, many trainers are charismatic, friendly and funny people. You will enjoy the time you spend with them on a personal and professional level. It will ease times you are not looking forward to working out and improve performance on the days that you are looking forward to.

A personal trainer can figure out why you are not reaching your goal and help provide long lasting solutions. Chances are your trainer has experience with someone in your situation before. A trainer will have the ability to sit down and explain what it will take for you to achieve the result you are after, or why you are not reaching your current goals. They have experience planning workouts, altering negative behaviors, guiding you through the confusion and mayhem that is popular diet and exercise trends and make sure you make the most efficient and effective choices for the long term.

RESULTS are the trainers' No. 1 priority. It is our job, duty and responsibility to be prepared to move you forward faster.


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