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Week-Long Workouts Part 2

Aug 8, 2012

In part two of our look at scheduling your workouts, we’ll share some of our ideas about how to finish out your work week and head into the weekend.

Thursday. Split your time between weights and cardio. A strong, full-body workout will keep you in the groove, and prevent pre-Friday fatigue.

Friday. Get ready for the weekend with a little slow-burn cardio. A lengthy session on the elliptical will get you loose and limber for your weekend cool down.

Weekend. Use Saturday morning to help you recover from Friday’s festivities. An hour-long circuit around your favorite machines will shake off last night’s leftovers in no time. After your demanding week of comprehensive workouts, kick back and relax on Sunday. Get your rest and allow yourself a minor dietary indulgence. Make sure you enjoy it – we start again tomorrow!


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