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Week-Long Workouts Part 1

Jul 20, 2012

Many fitness experts recommend varying your workouts throughout the week, as alternating your focus can help you avoid plateau and injury. One of the easiest ways to shake up your schedule is by catering your workouts to the flow of your week. Check it out:

Monday. Kick off your week with some killer cardio. Pushing the tempo will help jump start your mind and body, and make sure you’re ready to hit the week hard.

Tuesday. As the stress of your work week sets in, spend some time on the free weights to help you burn off a little steam.

Wednesday. Step back a bit. If you feel like you absolutely need a trip to the gym, limit your time to a short session of light cardio. Work up a light sweat, but don’t push it.

Check back next week as we head into the home stretch!


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