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The Importance of Balance

Feb 11, 2016

Balance is the key to all functional movement. It is a component of all movements regardless of whether strength, speed, flexibility, or endurance dominates the movement.
Functional balance is a dynamic process. Most people have or will (or hopefully will not) experience joint injuries which can lead to swelling and altered balance. Balance training benefits dynamic joint stabilization which is the ability of the kinetic chain to stabilize a joint during movement. When you balance train you will be improving your muscular endurance, enhancing joint stability, increasing flexibility, enhancing control of your posture, and improving neuromuscular efficiency. And to top it all off, your body is forced to recruit more muscles to stabilize itself which means more calories expended.
Most people neglect incorporating balance in their training regimen. Please do not neglect it. It truly is so important for your over all fitness well being.


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