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The Health Benefits of Juicing

May 11, 2010

provide a wealth of nutrition to the human body. Nutritionists recommend three to five servings of vegetables daily. This recommendation can be backed up by the growing cases of health problems suffered in the United States, like diabetes, high cholesterol, and other heart diseases, and rare for the people living in parts of the Mediterranean, Africa, Russia, and Asia. This can be attributed, in part to, the traditional foods common in these areas, which are largely made up of native and organically grown vegetables.

Consuming more raw vegetables as part of your daily diet will aid in overall good health and has been shown to reverse the effects of some diseases. A practical way to add more raw veggies to your diet is by juicing. The human body needs lots of raw food every day and by juicing you get all the nutrition and appealing taste.

Vegetable juicing also does not add to insulin levels like fruit juicing. Carrots and beets however, contain natural sugars like fruits, and therefore form a subcategory for vegetable juicing and monitoring the carbs contained.

Juicing vegetables also improves the absorption of the nutrients because they are more completely digested and absorbed more quickly and efficiently than the average solid food.

Tips on vegetable juicing:

  • Mix the pulp in the juice while drinking. The pulp is rich in fibers necessary for and promotes the production of the good bacteria in the intestines used for proper digestion.
  • Try to consume vegetable juices freshly made. Keeping or storing for long periods of time could actually affect its nutritional quotient in a negative way.
  • If you have to store your juice for a few hours, keep it in an air tight container, preferably opaque, with the juice filled up to the brim of the container so there is little room for air to mix with the juice. This will slow oxidation of the food materials by air and light.

It is recommended that you rotate the variety of vegetables daily. Continuously juicing the same vegetables could actually make one allergic to them over a period of time.


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