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Skip the Sugar

Aug 16, 2012

There’s no doubt that high sugar diets can lead a range of medical problems, including obesity and diabetes, but even a limited, yet steady, intake of the sweet stuff can cause major problems for the average eater.

Sugar, despite its propensity for making you pack on pounds, actually contains no fats – or protein or fiber. As a result, consuming raw sugar is like consuming empty calories. In processing the calories supplied by sugar, your body often needs to draw nutrients from existing cells to help convert the energy. The resulting decrease in available resources can impact you body’s ability to effectively pass stored sugars or food borne toxins.

While dropping sugar all together may seem difficult, gradually reducing your sugar intake can make a big difference on the way you feel. If you’re interested in cutting back, try targeting those sweet snacks that you know you shouldn’t be eating anyway. If you can convince yourself to drop your saccharine favorites, you’ll find it much easier to start shedding sugar from other parts of your diet.


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