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Aug 28, 2013

It seems like every month, the Best Sellers list welcomes a new “revolutionary” diet book that details the secret to shedding pounds like never before. Whether it’s eating sixteen four ounce meals a day, or loading up on carbs in the AM and cutting down to raw veggies at night, these ever-innovative trends come and go more quickly than pop songs and hair styles.
Well, this may come as bad news to a few of you, but there really aren’t any secrets to eating healthy. No matter how many fad diets claim to be changing the game, the only proven approach is moderation.
If you’re looking to lose weight and “eat whatever you want,” you can – just in limited amounts. You can enjoy crunchy snacks, sweet treats and fatty foods every so often, but over-indulging – in anything, really – will never work to your benefit.
So, next time you’re staring at that brand new “Shed Six Pounds in Six Minutes” book on GMA’s hot list, remember that there’s only one way to diet: eat healthy foods and only indulge in moderation. It’s that simple.


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