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Jun 18, 2015

This crib sheet will help you to understand why regular eating is an important first step in developing eating patterns that will lead to weight loss.


What are the benefits of regular eating?

Eating regularly is the first step in any eating plan

Eating regularly will improve your chances of losing weight, but there are other benefits. These include:

  • A more stable blood sugar
  • Improved concentration and reduced fatigue
  • Greater and more consistent energy levels
  • A lower blood cholesterol level
  • A lower change of having a heart attack

Why does regular eating lead to improved health?

  • It stops overeating due to hunger (i.e. eating more than you meant to at dinner because you didn’t have time to grab lunch)
  • It gives your body a regular source of fuel. This stops your body entering ‘starvation mode’. This can prevent your body from working properly in the long term.
  • When your boy has a regular supply of fuel it is less likely to get tired. Lethargic or over-emotional. You are less likely to choose healthier options when you are feeling this way.

What is regular eating?

  • Eating at regular times throughout the day (i.e. always having 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Have something to eat every 3-4 hours
  • Keeping the same pattern of eating from day to day

Am I likely to lose weight if I do not eat regularly?

No. Losing weight by not eating regularly (i.e. saving up calories for a big meal in the evening) will damage your body. Your metabolism will become erratic and you are likely to put on more weight than you lost.

Are there any disadvantages to eating regularly?

None from a health prospective. However, if you do not eat regularly you might find it difficult to make the lifestyle changes necessary to develop regular eating habits. Some difficulties people have are:

  • Not having enough time to eat breakfast
  • Being to busy at work to eat lunch
  • Not feeling hungry at meal times
  • Feeling scared to start eating in case they can not stop
  • Feeling as if they are eating too much


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