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Peace of Mind!

May 24, 2013

Do you have things on that to do list that you never seem to get to?

I know I do, whether its cleaning out the attic, the garage, shed, that spare room that turned into the storage room or that mound of paper work and mail that just keeps building up. It is really important to try to take a couple of days to tackle it.

My mom is coming to visit and I have taken this time in preparing for her visit to get myself clutter free and organized. It has been going great as I have made lots of donations, recycled lots of paper, and took a “trip” down memory lane.

Getting everything cleaned out and organized helps me have peace of mind and helps me to focus back on all the other things in my life. Now I can get back to training hard and reaching my own fitness goals.

So don't put off that to do list, you will be so glad when its all done and have peace of mind!


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