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How's 2014 Going for You?

May 7, 2014

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. To all the Mom’s reading this, Happy Mother’s Day!!! You are greatly appreciated.

So, what’s your goal for Mother’s Day? How will your day go? Suggestion… don’t wait till Sunday. That never goes well.

With that, what were your fitness goals for 2014? How’s that going? Suggestion….it’s time to review where you are now and where you are headed. Don’t wait till Summer. That never goes well either.

How many times have I’ve heard…”I can’t believe its’ May already!!”. My response is : “Why? Doesn’t May come every year?”

We live in a world where time flies yet it doesn’t have to.

Goal setting is a key component to anyone’s health success. And it doesn’t have to be crazy nor should it. In fact, whatever you choose for yourself is awesome. Realize it’s yours and own it. Then make a realistic plan and start achieving.

Three quick stories:

---Roy is a client at Fitness Together. He came here with a goal to lose weight and improve his overall fitness. This past week, he had his latest fitness test since coming on board a few months ago. His results were amazing. Why? Roy, stuck to his plan, was consistent with his workouts and did not waver from his commitment to succeed.

--Louis is a running client in Iowa that I am coaching. We started working together in January with a goal of competing at a national track and field event in April. This past winter in Iowa was harsh…just like it was here in NY. However, Louis worked off of the plan I gave him and never missed a day of training up till his event which was two weeks ago. His race that day was spectacular and he was thrilled with the outcome. Now we are working on his next competition.

---Mary is competing in a survival race this weekend. She has trained her butt off all winter and early spring. We can’t wait to see how she does at her race. However, we already know it will be a memorable day.

Common theme in each of these individuals…..they were not distracted and stayed disciplined to what they wanted. There is a big difference between difficult and impossible.

So, I ask you “How are your fitness goals going for 2014?” Reassess where you are and where you want to go. Then make a plan. You can do it!!! If you need help, reach out to myself or a member of the FT Staff.

God Bless.


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