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Get Outdoors Between Training Sessions

Nov 26, 2010

You can supplement your weekly training sessions by getting outside in your neighborhood.

If you live near a park, get out there for some suspension training. You might not be in school anymore, but the monkey bars can be a great place for chin ups and parallel bar dips. Start slow if you haven't been working out regularly.

If you live in the city, its time to take a little tour around a couple blocks. A good routine for a block buster starts by warming up and stretching, which you should do before EVERY workout to help prevent injury. First sprint one block at about 75% of your full speed, then walk a block. Do this a couple times if you're up for it.

Another easy outdoor workout is a hill sprint. After warming up, start by sprinting up the hill, get a running start if you need it. Then once at the top, you can stop catch your breath then walk down the hill. Get a drink of water and do it again! Not only is the exercise great, but you'll be getting out in the fresh air and sunshine to soak up the vitamin D!


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