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Don’t Try to Make Up for Lost Time

Feb 14, 2014

It happens. We all miss time at the gym for one reason or another. It’s almost unavoidable. When we are able to return to our routines, many of us feel the need to overcompensate for the missed sessions by simply going nuts for our next few workouts. More often than not, it feels good, and it feels like we’re making up for those missed reps.

But, hold on – diving back in with an extra-intense session can cause some real problems. Missed workouts can lead to muscle loss or mild atrophy, creating a greater risk for injury during strenuous exercises.

So, instead of risking injury by overcompensating for the lost time, simply get back into the groove with your regular routine. Staying consistent as you move forward will be much more effective in helping you regain the level of fitness you’d achieved before.


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