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Don't Beat Yourself Up

Nov 16, 2011

Every so often, you may find yourself feeling completely unsatisfied with your trip to the gym. It’s bound to happen, and unfortunately, there’s very little you can do to stop it. Sometimes, the body just isn’t ready for a workout, and simply won’t produce the same endorphins that make exercise so enjoyable. Whether the lack of motivation is coming from fatigue, unrelated stress or just a bad case of the Mondays, it shouldn’t be seen as a sign of a larger problem.

If you find yourself slogging through a disappointing workout, don’t let it get you down. Stick with your routine, stay focused and don’t dilly-dally. Wasting time will only give those negative feelings room to grow, and make it harder for you to finish your session.

If the problem persists, however, speak with a trainer about how to introduce some new energy into your workouts. You may find that attending group classes or completely adjusting your exercise schedule completely re-energizes your time at the gym.

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