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Diet Giving You Trouble?

Mar 28, 2014

Diets are hard to tackle sometimes (when I say diets, I’m talking about what you’re eating). There are multiple factors that could be the reason why you can’t stay on track with your diet. Here are three tips to help you get on track:

  1. Pick 1 Unhealthy Food and Remove It: This means for example, take sugar out of your diet and stick to it for a month. I say a month because it only takes 30 days to break a habit. Once you have reached the 30 days, take another unhealthy food you crave, to go along with the sugar, and repeat. Keep doing this until you finally have a diet that works for you. This is a great way to conquer your diet without the frustration and potential stress of taking it on all at once. Remember stress = weight gain, which brings me to my next tip…
  2. Eliminate Stress: This can be done a multiple of ways. You can make sure to give yourself a time when you have some “me” time. This time should be used in whatever way that makes you unstressed; walking the dog, shopping, cooking, sewing, reading, a nice hot bubble bath, etc. Also another great way to eliminate stress is Yoga. Not only does it relieve stress but the benefits will be shown in your exercises and daily routines.
  3. Drink Water!: Some people say it’s too hard, it’s not, they just have to break the bad habit of not drinking enough (remember 30 days and it will become second nature). As a guideline, you should drink at least 8 ounces (1.9L) of water a day, but really men should be getting about 3 Liters (around 13 cups) and women 2.2 Liters (around 9 cups) a day. A good way to make sure you are drinking all day is to get a BPA free water bottle or glass one (find these on Amazon) and make sure you bring it everywhere you go (filled of course). This should be a daily routine and the more you do it the easier it will get. The results of doing this will help your body function correctly, remove toxins from the body, and help with weight loss. When you are dehydrated the body will hold onto anything that will rehydrate it, which could create weight gain, so keep that in mind.

I Hope that these tips can help you overcome whatever diet you are trying to take on. I wish you all the luck, just remember it might be hard at first but the results will be well worth it.


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