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Benefits of Cardio (Hidden) incorporated into a workout routine

Mar 10, 2017

I have been personal training now for over awhile. I have seen and performed almost every exercise in the books. From specific training for baseball, to power lifting with friends, I have always tried to make the time to incorporate some type of cardio in my workouts.

Many people and clients that I've had the opportunity to work out with all are out to achieve one common goal. That is to get fit and healthy. On a personal level, and I know many people would agree with me, doing cardio is not one of our favorite things to do BUT there are ways around that dreadful feeling of doing cardio. I like to call it "hidden cardio".

What I mean by "hidden cardio" is not going on the typical treadmill or elliptical and doing the same routine, day in and day out. That would get boring for EVERYBODY. I like to incorporate a step up exercise; which is either a 6'' or 12'' box or platform that I could stand up and down on. Now that will increase the heart rate just as quickly as running on a treadmill will. Other exercises may include jumping jacks, rope slams, or full body movement exercises like squatting. Not to mention that increasing the heart rate before strength training helps warm up muscles and creates better blood flow into the muscles.

Some benefits that you will see from incorporated cardio training in your exercise is heart benefits; the heart is our MAIN muscle in our body and we want it to be as strong as possible. Increased cardio not only improves the condition of your heart but will positively affect your everyday life. Cardio will also improve your recovery time between exercises. Increased metabolism is also a benefit from cardiovascular training which in the long run will help to lose that extra weight that is packed on.


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