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Client Reviews

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Reviews Provided by Listen360

Feb 24, 2020 by S. B.
"I love the individualized workout plan I have with my trainer. She customizes it for just me, with my goals in mind. I'm not working out in a class or in front of loads people who are already in incredible shape. It's one client, one trainer, one space to yourself. I've had amazing results. I've lost weight and toned up. My balance is so much better. I was a couch potato who got winded walking to the end of my street. Last spring I ran a half marathon and I'm planning a hike through the mountains of New Mexico in the fall. I'm already working with Mara to get a training plan together. I would definitely recommend FT to anyone "

Feb 21, 2020 by M. P.
"I love the accountability and personal attention. It helps that each session is different and the trainers always ask how I’m feeling before we start so they can make adjustments to not overwork any areas that may be sore. I’ve seen such great progress so far and am excited to keep going!"

Feb 19, 2020 by L. M.
"Great people, great workout. "

Feb 9, 2020 by S. S.
"I mostly work out with Mara. Her approach to work outs is innovative and I also appreciate how she also focuses on the flexibility piece. The key with Mara is that she does not take a one size fits all approach. Working out is “work”, but at least with her, it can also be fun."

Feb 4, 2020 by J. W.
"Great trainers, the work is always different and that motivates, always challenging and personal attention. "

Jan 31, 2020 by P. M.
"Always a different exercise, great trainers, and they really listen as to issues that you are having with your body and modify an exercise plan as a result."

Jan 22, 2020 by M. S.
"One on one program"

Jan 21, 2020 by L. L.
"Keep me on track with my fitness. There are some exercises you just don’t work on for one reason or another. No matter, like or dislike, the trainers are there for your benefit. So between the workout and cardio, it pays off."

Jan 16, 2020 by C. A.
"Everything is professional and helpful. Trainers know their clients individually and know what works best for each. The comfortable environment and the trainers encouragement add to a productive experience. Thank you, Fit Hudson."

Dec 28, 2019 by M. L.
"Mara, TJ, Ashley, and Amanda have all been wonderful!!!"

Dec 15, 2019 by B. B.
"The energy and enthusiasm of all the trainers is terrific and contagious. They encourage me to give my best effort and then some! They insure that I’m doing the exercises correctly and working the targeted muscles. And although the workouts are tough the trainers make it fun as well as challenging. Bill B"

Dec 3, 2019 by J. C.
"I like the consistency of having the same trainer"

Dec 3, 2019 by M. M.
"The 1:1 attention and the motivation !"

Dec 1, 2019 by M. B.
"I like how everyone is friendly and encouraging they are. "

Nov 19, 2019 by L. L.
"The staff is great & helpful. I need to be “pushed” when working out. They don’t mind accommodating that request. Great atmosphere to workout"

Nov 12, 2019 by N. H.
"Great trainers!!!"

Nov 7, 2019 by L. G.
"The personalized attention for one. I never have the same workout twice. Staff is very educated. The stretching is amazing!"

Oct 29, 2019 by C. A.
"Wonderful to have one on one training. I'm impressed by the knowledge your trainers have. They are very professional. "

Oct 25, 2019 by C. R.
"I like the customized workouts and the stretching afterwards is amazing too! "

Oct 2, 2019 by J. C.
"Personal attention"

Reviews Provided by Listen360