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Welcome to the Trainer Blog

Jan 10, 2020

My story is very different from most personal trainers. Growing up, I did not enjoy gym class or sports. I had exercise induced asthma which lead to being prescribed steroid medications. A sedentary lifestyle, along with the side effects of these medications lead to weight gain and fatigue. At the young age of 12, my twin sister, Amanda, was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic with insulin resistance. Our family made a change to way we were eating. Opting for lower carb options, increasing the amount of vegetables we were eating and reducing fat intake. Even though it was not a passionate of mine, I enrolled in basketball for the season in both seventh and eighth grade. On paper, it seemed like a healthy lifestyle in the making.

Fast forward four years later, I was in college and had never been heavier in my life. I injured myself playing basketball, I was stress eating, getting inconsistent amounts of exercise and sleep. I had NO ENERGY especially for an 18 year old. I was seeing all kinds of different doctors for many different issues and ailments. A physical therapist for spraining my ankle, a chiropractor for whiplash after a car accident, my pediatrician for breathing treatments for asthma and frequently strep throat. Helping people has always been a passion of mine and I was 100% positive I wanted to be a medical doctor. My plan was to save lives with medicine. As I began studying chemistry, biology and anatomy it began to open my eyes to the bigger picture. I started looking at the body from a more holistic approach. How was I so sick, tired and overweight?

I started studying fitness and nutrition outside of the classroom. I read testimonials of others who were feeling amazing after exercising regularly to lose weight. I focused more on portion control and the timing of what I was eating. I began doing some cardio in the college recreation center. It was boring, I got overheated quickly and struggled to catch my breath. My ankles started to really hurt again and my neck was more achy than ever. When I finally got on the scale I was about 240lbs. At the end of my freshman year I had gain more than the usual 15lbs. Not that it was any excuse, but I packed on the pounds while I was living what I believed to be an active lifestyle. I walked to the grocery store and to classes, but never measured my heart rate or lifted weights. Everything I was studying reflected consistency as the key to success.


Once I stuck to a regular work out schedule, everything started to change. The best way to hold yourself accountable is to work out with someone! Amanda and I made a commitment to each other to become each other's biggest advocate. We decided that we would work out together 4 times per week. We found different classes at the gym to try as well as online challenges to add some fun to our routines. After all "exercise" was never fun, but if I can distract myself enough to make it seem like it isn't exercise then I can get through it! I can remember laying in a puddle of sweat after the first or second round of exercises wondering how I could possible do anymore. Thankfully, I had someone to hold me accountable and encourage me to push through. I began to feel stronger and more energy. I started to notice I could go farther without being winded and my breathing was improving. My ankles no longer ached and had I started gaining more range of motion. My clothes were fitting better and soon I needed to go down a size!

After two years of a truly healthy and active lifestyle, I lost 90lbs. I gained confidence and muscle. This blog will introduce you to my style of training and rehab. I have found consistency to be the biggest key to success in all aspects of my life, but especially in changing my body composition. I lost a great amount of fat and gained a healthy amount of muscle. There are tips and techniques that I have learned along the way personally, as well as professionally.

As I changed my body, I also changed my mind. Why would I become a medical doctor if medicine made me fat and sick? Why wouldn't I help people in a different way? I was already studying health and fitness on my own, so I decided the change my major. I graduated from Muskingum University with a bachelor's degree in 2013. I double majored in Health Education and Health & Fitness with a minor in biology. I found an internship program at a local field house and enrolled in a personal training workshop at Kent State University. I got my certification as a personal trainer and found my true passion!


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