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BuildingTriceps with Your Fitness Training Routine

Nov 6, 2014

When you have a regular personal training schedule, it’s fun to work towards small achievable goals. During your introductory session with your personal trainer, you most likely discussed your overall health and fitness goals and how to achieve them. However, working towards long term goals always goes better when you set smaller, achievable goals to check your success. Your fitness trainer will have a multitude of ideas to keep you on track and persuade you, but sometimes coming up with your own small goals and achieving them during personal training is the best way to stay excited about your exercise regimen. Keep reading for a sample achievable goal: building your triceps.

Fitness Training to Build Triceps Sample Plan
The first step to setting an achievable goal is to look at how it ties into your overall goal. Are you hoping for a magazine worthy body for next summer? Personal training can help you come up with a strategy, but try to set little goals along the way, like building your triceps. Whether your arms are flabby and droopy, or just need a little muscle definition, building triceps is a great goal for fitness and looking good in sleeveless. Keep reading for a three step plan for building triceps.

  1. Start by integratingmore tricep exercises into your {fitness training schedule. While you will probably only be meeting with your trainer once a week or monthly, you can include these exercises in your regular routine. Close grip push-ups are a great tricep exercise and are exactly what they sound like–position your hands beneath your shoulders and lower your body keeping your arms close against your sides. Dumbbell tricep extension exercises are also great. Hold a dumbbell above your head with both hands and slowly lower it behind your head, and then raise it back up. There are a number of great tricep exercises out there and your personal trainer should be able to give you some good ones as well.
  1. Continue to integrate tricep exercises into your regular fitness training Hudson routine, but do not work your triceps every single day. Muscles grow while resting, so make sure that you only work your triceps every two to three days. Your fitness training schedule might be working out Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, so you would want to work your triceps hard on Monday and Thursday.
  1. Even in something as simple as building your triceps, diet plays an vital role. Fitness training should have taught you good tips for healthy eating, so keep those in mind. Anytime you want to build muscle and steer clear of muscle soreness, fueling your body properly is important. Try to eat a snack before working out. Keep at your tricep exercises and rest, and you will start to see tricep definition in no time!

Whether you are looking for tricep definition or six pack abs, set yourself little goals along the personal training way to your overall fitness goals to keep you motivated and feeling accomplished and fit.

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