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Blog / Nutrition

The Best Breakfast for Fat Loss Success

Blair Oct 14, 2015 Nutrition

If you’ve ever talked food with me, you know that I love to eat AND that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  I like it so much that I like to think of sleep as the time machine that takes me right to breakfast the next day!  Not only is this part of my “me time” morning ritual, but I know that my breakfast is priming my body to burn fat for...

Magnesium: The Master Mineral

Valerie Sep 15, 2015 Nutrition

I've been supplementing with this "miracle" mineral for at least five years.  I wanted to share just one of the benefits of this multi-tasking mineral and how it can benefit your overall health. Magnesium plays a key role in over 325 enzyme reactions in the body--from energy production to cholesterol control.  But as important as magnesium is for optimum...

Travel, or Whenever, Snacks!

Blair Aug 25, 2015 Nutrition

I had a conversation with a client this morning who will spend the next three days out of town on a business trip.  Going into the trip, she knows there will be food provided during the meetings, but isn't sure what it is going to be.  "So, what kind of things can I take with me just in case I'm not able to make healthy choices while I'm there,"...

Bars are EASY...but which ones are BEST?

Blair Aug 21, 2015 Nutrition

Take a look at what Blair says are the better options when it comes to choosing a protein bar.

Summer Means Grilling Means Marinades!

Blair Jul 8, 2015 Nutrition

It's summertime folks, so that means you'll be more than likely firing up your grill on at least a weekend basis.  I know we are at our house as much as we can--not just for the yummy food, but it gives my husband a good reason to drink a cold beer or two (but that's a whole other blog post!).  I figured with all of the grilling options out there--beef,...

Our Bodies Are NOT Calculators

Blair Mar 12, 2015 Nutrition

Check out most any health magazine or Dr. Whoever episode and chances are at some point in the last several years you've read or heard the phrase "Eat less and exercise more to lose weight."  Ha, if only it were that simple. Now, if you're killing the dollar menu three times a day and exercising your thumb muscles on the remote control, then YES, you...

"How Should I Eat?"

Blair Jan 27, 2015 Nutrition

People talk to me about nutrition all the time.  It's my "thing," so I'm constantly getting questions...and rightfully so.  The question that comes up the most is, "Blair, what am I supposed to eat?" What a loaded question!  Here's the answer that no one wants to get from any question:  "It depends."  Bear...

Tips to keep it Simple

Frank Jul 22, 2014 Nutrition

What are easy and simple steps we can do daily to lose weight steadily and maintain a slimmer, leaner composition? A combination of diet and exercise is of course ideal, but if it comes time to choose and you must make the best choice available, here are five pointers that you can use to fit into your extremely busy and stressful life. The two third’s rule: At each...

Butter...Enough Said!

Blair Jun 30, 2014 Nutrition

Just in case you haven't seen Time Magazine's recent cover, I wanted to sort of "recap" the article that puts my opinion on nutrition into the mainstream and debunks a lot of what we've been conditioned to think about food for decades now. Butter.  Yup, butter.  Other than bacon, I can't really think of anything that sounds more appealing...

Eggs-traordinary Tips for Eggs!

Blair Jun 23, 2014 Nutrition

So, you've read the title of this post in the subject line of your email.  I'm guessing you already know the author--if you know me personally that is!  Yup, it's Blair...aka "Crazy Chicken Lady" if you ask my husband!  But, that's besides the point... See, if I'm the so-called "Crazy Chicken Lady," you might as well go...

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