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Strength Training Program in Glastonbury

From those who never paid attention to how they eat or exercise to the health enthusiast, strength training has benefits for everyone, no matter their experience. Strength and conditioning training positively impacts everything from your health and appearance to your metabolism. All the while it also decreases your risk of injury during exercises and daily tasks.

Our strength training program in Glastonbury is open to anyone looking to re-imagine what their health could look like. Everything we do is based on an individual basis. Meaning, no matter your background, current health, or medical situation, our personal trainers will work with you toward your goals in a realistic and achievable manner.

Why choose strength training and conditioning at our studio?

Receive direct support to reach your goals.

Simply informing or making visible plans with someone else boosts your likelihood to complete what you need to. This directly relates to having a personal trainer. Having someone hold you accountable, support you, and ensure you have the right set of tools can make all the difference between success and failure. During our strength training program in Glastonbury you’ll connect with your own personal trainer to aid your fitness journey.

Obtain a plan totally customized to your needs.

In combination with the other areas of personal training—cardio and nutrition—your trainer will entirely customize your training plan to your needs. This may include anything from looking to improve body composition (lose excess weight, increase muscle) to specific concerns. We work with clients looking for specific help working around or to goals such as:

  • Injury rehabilitation/prevention
  • Medical or health related restrictions
  • Sport-specific training
  • Advanced training for more experienced athletes

Your trainer is equipped with a range of routines and equipment.

Your personal strength trainer will have a vast array of equipment and resources available to best fill your needs. More than likely, they will use several methods, routines, and tools to produce good results. Your strength training program at our Glastonbury studio may include free weights, circuit training machines, and body weight exercises. During all sessions, your trainer will make sure you perform exercises correctly to make sure you do not sustain any strains or other injuries.

Getting Started – Begin Training at Fitness Together® Glastonbury

You may be closer than you think to a healthier and fit lifestyle. Give our Glastonbury studio a visit to learn more about our specific resources and studio advantages. By scheduling your first visit online here, or by giving us a call, your intro session is completely free. No commitment is required until after your first session.