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Our Owners

Michael Espinosa

Michael Espinosa


Hello, my name is Michael Espinosa and I am the owner of Fitness Together in Franklin Massachusetts. It has been a lifelong dream for me to Own and Operate a Studio in the Area where I competed as an athlete.

As a lifelong Fitness Professional, Certified Personal Trainer, and Athlete it has always been my dream to help transform people’s lives through proper nutrition and exercise. It has been exciting to be able to see a person’s life transition for the better with easier movement, more energy, and increased strength. I have Studied Sports Science with the emphasis in Exercise Physiology. Recently having transitioned from a large health club corporation where I acted as a Regional Director, Personal Training Fundamentals Facilitator, it was my goal to be able to give back and help people attain their fitness goals through proper nutrition and exercise as well as offer motivational support. We feel that the support, motivation, and accountability provided by Fitness Together are the best in the industry and are why I became a Franchise Owner. I would like to invite you to join us on our journey into a more personalized approach to fitness! It is our goal to reach out into the community and provide a more comfortable, personalized and private setting.