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Personal Trainer Jobs

Full Time Fitness Expert

The ideal candidate will have:

-Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science or related study

-At least 1 Year experience in the Exercise/Personal Training industry; including work with special populations

-ACE, AFAA, NSCA, ACSM, NSPA Certifications preferred

-Available to work solely for Fitness Together

-Must be available to work Mon-Thursday 1-9pm and Saturday 730am-4pm consistently

-High degree of motivation, detail orientation and positive, upbeat energy

-Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

-Exceptional work ethic-Enjoys & excels in a team environment.

Minimum Job Requirements include:

-Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, Exercise physiology, or related study is minimum requirement for consideration of employment

-Performing individual fitness assessments for clients every 6 weeks

-Thorough understanding of science based progressive training programs

-Creating customized training programs for clients based on consistent assessment results

-Thorough knowledge of injury prevention & post rehab recovery; disease prevention & management; special conditions & limitations; high performance athlete; as well as geriatric population-Motivating and educating clients to reach their individual goals

-Teamwork in maintaining the studios appearance and cleanliness

Benefits include:

-Incredible team work environment

-Competitive pay & incentives

-Additional benefits may apply

-CEC opportunities are provided by the owner

-Opportunity for growth and advancement into Management or Ownership positions

For more information about Fitness Together Fairfax, please visit our website at:

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