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Personal Training Benefits

Personal Training Benefits

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Blog Post – Personal Training Benefits

Many times when exercising, we get discouraged and disheartened when we don’t see results right away. 

There’s a way to fix this recurring issue: personal fitness training. Personal trainers are always thought of as 

working with the stars and athletes, but in reality, they can help anyone! The purpose of having a personal 

trainer is to have someone there to support, motivate, and guide you in achieving your fitness goals.  All of this occurs as we are holding you accountable.

It’s Personal

What is better than having a trainer who knows you and your body? Personalized training brings many results to 

people simply because it is personal! Your personal trainer specializes in body mechanics, health, fitness, and 

nutrition and can assess your body to create a workout plan that works best for you and your lifestyle. Since 

your trainer sees you on a regular basis, weekly or biweekly, they can tell if something doesn’t seem right or if 

something is not functioning properly. Fitness trainers will also develop a customized plan that helps you efficiently 

accomplish your fitness goals. 

Set up goals and a routine

Personal trainers are trained in making goals! They will help you make appropriate, specific goals that pertain to 

your body type and your lifestyle. They don’t want you blowing time at the gym to do a workout that won’t do 

much for you. Instead, they want you to have a set workout plan that helps you attain those goals!

No more injury!

Personal trainers demonstrate how to perform exercises correctly. When misusing equipment or not performing 

an exercise correctly, the wrong muscles and parts of your body are worked which can sometimes cause strain 

and injury. This inhibits you from continuing your fitness plan. Personal trainers want to help you attain your 

goals while staying healthy. 

Unmotivated? No problem! That's where we step in at Fitness Together Edgewater.

Your trainer wants you to push yourself and make sure you’re not giving up. By helping you see your 

achievements, big or small, your trainer supports you and encourages you. We can often get overwhelmed and 

discouraged when we eat healthy and work out and we don’t see the results. But your personal trainer’s workout 

plan, designed just for you, will make sure you’re on the right path to success. 

To that end, they motivate, encourage and help you develop, set, and achieve appropriate fitness goals.  The main reason folks come to us is for accountability purposes.  

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