Slim down this spring with Fitness Together small group personal training

Shed your layers. Proudly!

Thank you for being a Friend of Fitness Together

Because you are a friend of Fitness Together, we challenge you to take advantage of this exclusive offer. 

Option #1: 6 weeks of PRIVATE One-On-One training sessions conducted in one of our private training suites.  

There is no crowded gym .... no sharing of equipment ... no sharing the attention of your trainer ... no judgement and no intimidation. 

You'll spend each session working with the most experienced and skilled staff anywhere ... capable of adjusting workouts as necessary to meet your fitness level and adapting exercises to accomodate bum backs, knees, shoulders, etc. 

Humbly, we're really good ... and we're really friendly ... you WILL feel at home here. 

You'll get these (18) 1 hour sessions for only $999 .... (valued at $1260)


Option #2: 6 weeks of PRIVATE Small Group training sessions conducted in one of our private training suites. 


Forget Bootcamps. Forget group classes at your local "box gym." Our SMALL group classes are just that - SMALL. Private. Focused. Customized. You'll be part of a group of only 4 or 5 at the most so you will get a personalized workout and focused attention from our skilled Fitness Coaches.

You get these (18) 1 hour sessions for only $499.... (valued at $630)

Because you are a Friend of Fitness Together, you will qualify for these FREE bonuses regardless of which option you choose:

FREE Bonus #1 - If you are one of the first 10 to respond, schedule and pay for your sessions ... you'll get a comprehensive Health and Fitness Evaluation.  This valuable 1 ½  hour evaluation includes cardiovascular, nutritional, strength, flexibility, and body composition assessments ... the results of which are given to you in a full-color 14 page report. (valued at $249) 

FREE Bonus #2 - If you are one of the first 5 ... you'll get FREE BONUS #1 (the comprehensive Health and Fitness Evaluation) PLUS a free FT4 POLAR heart rate monitor! (together valued at $339)      

  • That's $1260 worth of training ... simply because you are a friend of FT
  •  That's $1509 worth of training and evaluations ... for the first 10 
  • That's $1598 worth of training, evaluations, and equipment ... for the first 5 
    .... all for only $999 ... but that's not all ... 

    We are passionate and committed to an unrivaled client experience ... so check this out ... 

    GUARANTEE - If the sessions, the Health and Fitness Evaluation, and the FT4 POLAR HR monitor weren't enough .... if for ANY reason you are unsatisfied with your training, we will refund 100% of your $499 or $999**, no questions asked ... and if you acted quickly enough to get one or both of the FREE BONUSES ... they are yours to keep.  Period. 

    DEADLINE - We want you to take action.  This offer expires WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30th at 6:00 pm ... and the free bonuses are gone when they're gone. 

Take our Spring Slim Down One-on-one or PACK challenge and Spring Into Your Best YOU!



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