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Our Owners

Katie and Mike Warechowski


Katie and Mike Warechowski met while studying for their degrees in Exercise and Health Science at Kennesaw State University back in 2002. Just before graduating, the couple began working as personal trainers at Fitness Together East Cobb under the studio's original owner. They married in 2006 and in 2007 they bought the studio from the original owner.

Their strength as owners come from creating a team and culture that values compassion, integrity, positivity, excellence, growth and fun. "If we can create a place where our employees are happy and love what they do, then our clients will be happy and successfull too," says Katie.

In 2017, Katie and Mike were awarded Fitness Together Franchisees of the Year by Wellbiz, Inc., the parent company that owns the Fitness Together Franchise. In 2019 the couple were nominated by Wellbiz to compete for the prestigious award of Best Franchisees of the Unites States, a competition that includes all franchises across the country. In December of 2019, Katie and Mike won that award and now hold the title of Best Franchisees of the U.S!

"We work so hard to make sure our team is aligned on the same vision - to help our clients achieve, if not exceed, their life long wellness goals," explains Mike. "We also want our studio to be a place where people can have fun and feel valued."

Katie and Mike pride themselves on their operationally "tight" studio but claim that their success really comes from their underlying passion for helping people. You feel that passion through their team and it's apparent the moment you walk through the door.