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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Oct 26, 2019 by R. S.
"Trainers are all fantastic. They know what needs to be done to get you in shape. They’re fun and have your best interests at heart. The equipment is top notch. The place is going through some renovations. Can’t wait to see the finished product. "

Oct 23, 2019 by C. R.
"The best workouts I have ever had. I can't keep myself motivated at the gym if I go on my own, I know that when I walk into Fitness Together I am going to be challenged the entire hour. I can't say enough about this location in Dunwoody, the staff is awesome."

Oct 15, 2019 by A. E.
"The staff care about each individual client and their goals (from highly intense athletes working on their conditioning to mature folks improving flexibility and balance). I know that if I simply do what they say, my health will improve, and I can trust them not to push beyond my body's current capability. They watch your form to ensure that you are getting the most from your workout and not putting undo strain on your body. The trainers are patient and encouraging. Each one I have met also has a great sense of humor. They vary the workouts which keeps it interesting and works your muscles and balance better. Their creativity with the workouts is a positive for me. The scale of the studios is a good fit for me. They are smaller, more intimate spaces. Fitness Together sincerely wants to partner with their clients, and they are there pulling for you."

Oct 14, 2019 by E. C.
"All the trainers are awesome. I love the different workouts I get. "

Sep 26, 2019 by N. H.
"I like the personalized service. Merrill builds my training program for me with my goals in mind. I also enjoy the Packs which are challenging yet fun."

Sep 20, 2019 by R. Y.
"The trainers really know their stuff and taylor everything to each client's needs, and It is such a positive and motivating environment!"

Sep 19, 2019 by C. C.
"My wife and I have been coming to FT for almost 10 years. It's been a life changing and lifestyle changing event that's kept both of us close to if not where we need to be with our health. We enjoy the one on one sessions with all the trainers. We've loved training with Chauncey McGee and he continues to be a fan favorite. The entire staff along with Russ the owner have been like family to us and they've been there for the ups and downs in our ever changing lives. Recently I've started working with Kyle Vasey and it's been an explosive start to a journey that even at 53 will surely get me back to the days of old. No matter what, we'll continue to enjoy FT whether it's five days a week of intense training and working out or just doing what needs to be done to stay healthy and happy. We're fans for life. TEAM FT. "

Sep 3, 2019 by C. C.
"Great trainers. Recent hires are great as well as those who’ve been there. Anxious to see new decor. Hope we haven’t lost too much training space!! Can’t tell yet. "

Sep 2, 2019 by D. D.
"Specialized private training sessions taking my unique needs into account."

Aug 29, 2019 by D. D.
"The trainers are great and they really work with me to customize my fitness plan. "

Aug 27, 2019 by S. H.
"I absolutely love the staff and the fun & energetic environment they've created! As soon as I walk through the door; I'm always greeted by my name. The atmosphere is not stale, boring or monotonous like a gym. As soon as you arrive you feel the positive energy. Everyone wants to be there: the staff and the clients! It's like a group of friends; working out in our own personal gym! I've never experienced anything like it. "

Aug 23, 2019 by L. B.
"The staff is so well trained. Everything is individualized, therefore you only compare your own personal progress with yourself! Friendly environment! Love this fitness place! "

Aug 23, 2019 by S. S.

Aug 22, 2019 by L. W.
"The location is very convenient, the people are knowledgeable and friendly, and you're just sore enough after a session to know you've done some good!"

Aug 21, 2019 by R. S.
"The staff is amazing - knowledgeable and very friendly. The program is individualized. Location is great. They are well equipped. "

Aug 20, 2019 by G. R.
"Great place with great people!!"

Jul 31, 2019 by R. S.
"Working with a trainer has changed my perspective on what I felt working out was supposed to be. The work outs are geared to my physical ability and I feel invigorated when I leave Fitness Together. Plus I look forward to my next work out."

Jul 27, 2019 by R. S.
"Small classes & knowledgeable trainers."

Jul 24, 2019 by N. H.
"My husband and I enjoy that our trainer (Merrill Dodge) continues to challenge us each session. He is so diligent on making sure that he gives us a comprehensive work-out each session/twice per week. He tracks our progress carefully plus makes sure that we're happy with the results. Seeing the same trainer each week who has our "training chart" at the ready gives fantastic results! Merrill's great! "

Jul 19, 2019 by R. Y.
" The coaches really know what they are doing and design a program centered around my goals and needs. Everyone is also super friendly and you could tell they really care about your success!"

Reviews Provided by Listen360