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Blog / Nutrition

How Enrolling in a Dunwoody Fitness Center Can Help Fight Obesity

Russ Yeager - Personal Trainer Dunwoody Jul 25, 2013 Nutrition

When it comes to obesity, it seems that the people of Georgia start really young. In fact, a recent report released by the governor's Student Health and Physical Education Partnership (SHAPE), has revealed that out of a million Georgian schoolchildren who were tested, only 16 percent were able to pass the five basic tests of physical fitness. This number is surprisingly even lower than the 20 percent who weren't able to pass any of the tests at all

Could Working With Fitness Together Increase Your Nutrition Dunwoody Knowledge?

Russ Yeager, personal trainer & owner of personal training studios Apr 8, 2013 Nutrition

Forget going to a gym on your own, working out with fitness together can not only help you get fit, but can help increase your nutrition Dunwoody knowledge too.  With professional trainers, health consultations, and excellent staff in general, there isn’t really anyway your nutritional knowledge can’t increase.  Keep reading for why these reasons working with Fitness Together can increase your nutrition Dunwoody knowledge.

Nutrition and Health: What Does the Nutrition Information on Menus Really Mean?

Fitness Advice Expert Dunwoody Mar 10, 2013 Nutrition

With the government taking an active role in your nutrition and health, you should know what is actually being done and how it affects you. Menus across America are posting calorie counts for your favorite foods, and it’s not pretty. So what does that actually mean? Keep reading for a brief exploration of the topic, and how it affects you.

Good Nutrition: Buying Healthy Foods on a Tight Budget

Fitness Advice Expert Dunwoody - 770- 351-9111 Oct 31, 2012 Nutrition

When you are looking to provide your family, and yourself, with good nutrition, but are on a tight budget, it can feel overwhelming and a little depressing. With fast food chains promoting dollar menus and cheap junk food in the grocery store, the produce section and premade health foods can seem expensive and frivolous. Fortunately, you are not the only one to think that. Learning how to eat healthy on a budget is on many people’s minds, and here are five tips to help you.

Healthy Eating: Tips and Tricks for a Nutrition Transition

Personal Trainer Dunwoody Fitness Together (770) 351-9111 Mar 29, 2012 Nutrition

Spring is in the air bringing changes to weather, wardrobes and waistlines. With the holidays and cold weather months behind you and plans for spring break trips, pool time lounging and outdoor activities in the near future, this is the perfect time to focus on eating nutritionally.

In light of National Nutrition Month, now is the time to shake off the winter doldrums and make the transition to healthier eating habits. Here are five nutrition tips and tricks to help you “spring” into action and transform your eating habits, one step at a time.

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