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One Client. One Trainer. One Goal.

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Free personal training session and consultation available at these participating Fitness Together studios. Complete the form or call us today to start your journey to a healthier you!

At Fitness Together, we produce results from one simple formula: One Client. One Trainer. One Goal.

There's no question you'll get results. Our staff of certified personal trainers will create and implement an effective exercise routine centered around three main components:

  • Resistance training
  • A cardiovascular routine
  • Proper nutrition guidelines

In designing a custom fitness program with a Fitness Together personal trainer, you begin to understand why our clients keep at it long after others have dropped out of their gym. Our personal trainers help you teach your body to function more efficiently and effectively, while avoiding the inconvenience and distractions of a regular gym.

You have your own fitness goals.

  • Lose weight.
  • Lower your blood pressure.
  • Run your first marathon.
  • Improve your golf game.
  • Keep up with your grandchildren.

The possibilities are endless.

At Fitness Together, you'll get a workout designed for you and a certified personal trainer who will push you just hard enough to get the results you've been looking for.


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Nicole Stoff

Nicole Stoff is our SuperClient of the Month. Nicole has been training at Fitness Together since last September.


     Before starting Nicole was like a lot of people, sedentary. “I would sit in front of a computer for 9 hours a day at work and then come home and sit around some more. My weekends were no better. Happy Hours with coworkers were also a common occurrence during the work week. And my job requires extensive travel so eating out at restaurants for multiple meals was a daily practice.”


      Since making her health and fitness a priority in her life she’s become better at planning and preparing. “I travel 3 weeks out of the month so I ate out a lot. Now I plan and prepare my meals on Sunday nights and pack a cooler with me. I no longer have a reason to eat out.” Nicole also cut out a lot of processed and junk foods. “If it comes in a bag or a box I don’t eat it. And if it has more than 3 ingredients or I can’t pronounce one of the ingredients I don’t eat it.” Those are the choices that make you feel good, not just about yourself, but how you perform day to day. “I have more energy, I feel great, my skin looks better, and I’ve noticed that I don’t get as sick as I use to.”


     Like most people starting to workout was hard for Nicole. “Exercise was the hardest thing to work into my everyday routine. But, once I made it a habit it was just like brushing my teeth in the morning. I use to dread exercising!  But, I have to say, that I’ve never regretted a work out. I always feel my absolute best when I step off the treadmill!”


     Do you weigh yourself? Nicole did. And that was her primary motivation. At first. As a girl, my “go to” for seeing results was the scale. But, I have to say the scale didn’t move as much as I thought it would. BUT, my pants started to sag and I was wearing clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear in a long time.  Nothing feels better than pulling on a pair of pants that use to be way too tight and taking them to the tailors to be taken in.”


     Results didn’t stop there. Nicole also noticed her arms and legs getting strong and toned. “With the focus, attention, and extra push from the trainers I could lift heavier weights and do more reps. I actually had muscle to flex!  My body can do more and I want to do more. It feels great to run that extra mile that I never could run before.”


     With success comes experience. And Nicole has some great tips for those wanting to get results like her. Be honest with yourself. Its one thing to want to live a healthier lifestyle and another thing to actually live a healthier lifestyle.  Did you skip a work-out? Because skipping one work out will lead to another skipped work-out and then it is impossible to make exercise part of your routine. Cut out the excuses and be committed to changing your life 100%.” Ditto Nicole!


     I’m always happy to give a lecture on what works and why. But sometimes it’s better to hear from someone else. Nicole has 5 lessons learned along the way.