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Personal Training Studio 8101 E Belleview Ave
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Denver, CO 80237

Personal Strength Training Program in the Denver Tech Center

Take part in our personal strength training program, ASPIRE 8™, at our Denver Tech Center studio. Our personal strength and conditioning training program, which also includes cardio workouts and nutrition completes our holistic approach to fitness and health. Strength training significantly impacts aspects of your well-being; benefits include:

  • Improved cardiac function, lipoprotein lipid profiles, and joint function
  • Increased bone density, metabolism, and fitness levels
  • Reduced injury potential
  • Strengthened and increased muscle
  • Tendon and ligament strength and toughness

With so many benefits, it’s hard to find a reason to postpone participating in our strength program. Yet we’ve found that there are several misconstrued facts floating around about what strength training looks like and who it’s for. Three common misconceptions include:

Strength training is only for getting buff; bulking is unavoidable.

The fear of getting too “bulky” holds many individuals back from spending a healthy amount of time on strength training. Yet bulking up is often much more difficult and time-consuming than you might think. For women, building visible muscles is even harder, as they lack the amount of hormones men have for building muscle (mainly testosterone). Even for men, building muscle without aid from steroids takes time and purposeful effort. By participating in our personal strength training program in Denver, you’re more likely to look lean with a more defined physique rather than buff.

Strength training isn’t for women—just men.

The misconception of bulking leads right into the reason why strength training is often seen as a men’s-only practice. In the past, strength and conditioning training inherited the misconception that women were physically incapable of building muscle and that the atmosphere was too gruff for them to enjoy. This is simply not true. Everyone—male, female, young, or old—benefits from strength training. Apart from personal requirements, no limitations should hold you back from getting involved.

Strength training takes up too much time.

If you’ve already incorporated cardio exercises into your daily or weekly routine, adding strength exercises shouldn’t be strenuous. With our personal strength training program at our Denver Tech Center Studio, it’s easy to see why this misconception of “too much time” holds little weight. Our trained coaches will set up a few consistent times each week for strength training, depending on your program. Within months, with the addition of cardio and a healthy diet, you’ll see quick results.

Our Denver Tech Center staff can answer any other questions that could be holding you back. Our goal is to alleviate any prior worries you may have so that you move into training with confidence. Sign up now for a free consultation.