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Personal Nutrition Coach in Denver Tech Center

Exclusively designed for our Fitness Together® program, Nutrition Together® enhances your fitness journey by providing access to industry-leading nutritional guidance. Our nutrition program was developed by award-winning registered dietician Dr. Janet Brill, who laid a solid foundation for our nutrition program based on scientific research and her years of experience. All our personal nutrition coaches in Denver follow her lead by providing excellent, science-based guidance and personal support.


At our Denver studio, your personal nutrition coach won’t send you off to try the latest diet trend, nor will they focus on calorie counts and portion sizes. The goal of Nutrition Together® is to help you establish a healthy relationship with food and eating. We’ll help you form good food habits that will last far longer than any diet. In some cases, a little extra accountability in knowing you’ll have to share what you eat with someone else is enough to create change. Yet there’s bound to be struggles or setbacks at some point. One of the best parts of having a nutrition coach is the knowledge you’re not alone. You’ll have someone to talk with and receive emotional support from when balancing life and eating right gets tricky.

One of the biggest benefits of our personal nutrition consulting is that your nutrition coach and personal fitness trainer are one in the same. You’ll never have to juggle relaying information or worry that your nutrition plan and exercise plan don’t align. Your fitness and personal nutrition coach will ensure you have the support and accountability you need to achieve all your health and nutrition goals—in and outside the studio.


Contact us today to learn more about integrating your fitness and nutrition planning into one.

If you’re already part of our Denver Nutrition Together® program, access the Nutrition Together® website for tips, recipes, and your online accountability journal.