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A collection of Fitness Together® Cold Spring Hills studio videos, enjoy!

Proper Mechanic to perform a Push Up

Jun 16, 2016

Fitness Together Cold Spring Hills Fitness Coach discusses proper form and mechanics to perform a basic exercise:  a Push Up.

James Annucci

May 18, 2016

James describes his journey of success at Fitness Together Cold Spring Hills

Resistance Band Exercise for Deltoids

Feb 11, 2016

Learn proper form and technique for a deltoid movement using a resistance band.  It is a simple exercise that when done properly has great results.

Claire testimonial

Claire improved her health and lowered her blood sugar

Jan 20, 2016

Bonnie testimonial

See Bonnie's story about how Fitness Together changed her life

Jan 20, 2016

Proper Lunges

Nov 23, 2015

Our personal trainers demonstrate how to do lunges with the correct form and technique.

Five minute Ab routine

Aug 28, 2015

Can be done at home or on the road.

PACK workout during the 2015 EPIC Summer Challenge

Jun 26, 2015

A small group workout example on display.  Here the group is getting in squats with kicks in a series of directions.

Fitness Together Success Story....John Marchelletta

May 2, 2014

Watch FT client, John Marchelletta, discuss his success story...

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