"Trade in your Trainer"

Is your personal trainer pulling his own weight?

Put your trainer to the test and make sure that you are getting your money's worth. Are you getting all of the following?

Noticeable results within the first three weeks and continuous improvement.

A fantastic training session every single time.

Your trainer's 100% undivided attention and focus every session.

A trainer who understands a woman's body and what it takes to develop lean and shapely feminine definition and not bulk.

A trainer who understands how to eat for maximum fat loss and who can help you apply this knowledge to your particular lifestyle and challenges. (ie. Mom who is running around all day or the professional woman who is at her desk all day.)

A clean and private facility without crowds, without waiting for machines and without sweaty muscle heads or fitness "fashion shows".

An upscale facility where there are never more than two clients training with their trainers at any time.

Body fat and girth measurements, cardiovascular and strength testing to ensure that you are making progress.

If this does not sound like a typical part of your personal training program, then it is time to "Trade in your Trainer" and get a new one. At Fitness Together, all of the above are standard for each and every client, each and every time. Contact us to schedule a free session to come in and experience the "FT difference".

Two convenient locations, one in South Miami right around the corner from RA Sushi and one in Coconut Grove, just one block away from Cocowalk.

Email- gabelamas@fitnesstogether.com


(305) 648-2202

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