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Fitness Together® Client Review Tina Holewinski*

My motto for anything I want in life is two fold:

1) Anything worth doing is worth doing well and 2) How bad do you want it?

However, after several attempts to lose weight, it just wasn’t happening. I decided to research all other options (including all competitors) extensively. Fitness Together was/is the best fit for my fitness goals.

The most frequently asked question of me is “Why do you pay for Fitness Together?"

My answer is simple. I tried it on my own multiple times before and wasn’t achieving the results I wanted. I don’t take failure well.

The second most frequently asked question of me is how do you justify the cost?

My answer is: You get what you pay for. If you are going to do this, you need to invest in the best.

My advice:

1) Purchase a large block of sessions (You will get a discount and it keeps you committed…even when you would rather sleep in)

2) Stop saying you don’t have time. Make time. If you “can’t”… you don’t want it bad enough.

3) Listen to Eric!

  • I challenged him on his advice. He explained himself. I tried it. He was right, every time.
  • Keep a food journal. Yes, it’s a pain that becomes addicting. DO IT.

Eric is a great motivator and he keeps you engaged in your goals. If you listen and trust Eric, you will get results.