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Fitness Together® Client Review The Lodens*

I began working out at Fitness Together, along with my husband Tim, about five years ago, soon after we lost our oldest son to cancer. For me, it offered an opportunity to try to set aside my grief temporarily for 45 minutes twice a week and concentrate on something I was doing for myself. During my son’s illness I had become somewhat of a recluse, but I had never enjoyed sweating in a large gym with 100 others, not to mention the wait for machines, etc. I totally embraced the one client, one trainer, and one goal philosophy of Fitness Together. Little did I know that in the process of becoming stronger in body (and mind) I would meet many wonderfully supportive people who have become like family.

I train with Felicia, and have for several years. During our 45 minute sessions she instructs me, entertains me, listens to me and counsels me...and, at the same time, never loses count of how many more reps that I need to give her! Five years ago, we began a foundation to honor our son and raise money for head and neck cancer research at Johns Hopkins. Every year we have a golf tournament, and Felicia began helping out four years ago, along with Rob Coombs who also plays every year. Felicia has worked tirelessly to secure donations for us from clients and other friends and always volunteers the day of the tournament, no matter what the weather! Joan jumped on board two years ago, and this year as the new owner of FT, we were lucky enough to have her chose the Jonathan B. Loden Foundation to partner with through the Howard County Magazine’s “giving back” campaign. Together, with the help of many of the awesome clients of Fitness Together, Felicia and Joan raised over $2000.00 for our foundation this year! They also rode around in the pouring rain last week during the tournament at Turf Valley...still raising money for us!

Yes I do love Fitness Together. I love the concept and the workouts, but most of all, I love the generous hearts of everyone there. Thank you, Fitness Together!