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Fitness Together® Client Review Steve Bartulucci*

Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in May of 2000, Steve's family doctor discovered a quart sized tumor in his chest during a routine physical exam.

Shortly after beginning his cancer journey, Steve discovered Lance Armstrong, the Tour De France, and became an avid cyclist. In 2002, Steve completed his first distance ride, the "Solvang Prelude" a 65 metric Century. Since then, he has been riding all over the country in numerous 100-mile charity events benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Steve, now age 58, has always been a weekend warrior in trying to achieve some level of middle aged fitness. Walking, hiking, skiing etc., but nothing serious. With cancer, he learned through numerous sources that exercise has both preventive and therapeutic benefits. Cycling and hiking the Santa Monica Mountains provided a great base, but it was all legs, lungs and cardio. Steve realized that this current period of remission might be temporary, so his fitness goals changed. He felt that he had been given a window of opportunity to develop an all around level of fitness that would promote health, longevity and be preventive in nature.

"I want to try to make my body a place where cancer cannot gain another foothold, and push out that potential next relapse by years, not just months" says Steve.

Steve came to Fitness Together Dos Vientos Ranch to achieve that goal. He wanted a total program, that built on his cycling foundation, provided regular progress evaluations, build strength and tone appropriate for someone approaching 60 years of age. What Steve has achieved at Fitness Together since February of 2009 has been remarkable. He no longer feels that his core and upper body have been neglected.

Steve has lost 5.1 pounds, his bodyfat is 13% lower, his resting heart rate has dropped from 65 BPM to 48 BPM, his recovery heart rate has dropped from 80 BPM to 60 BPM, he is doing 40-60 push-ups per session, many times wearing a weighted vest, and his flexibility has increased by 7%. Steve's cycling has improved, and is climbing hills stronger and faster because he is pulling less dead weight up our local hills.

In all, Steve claims that working out at Fitness Together has jump started his efforts to keep a cancer recurrence at bay. It has given him new hope, and has strengthened his resolve to help other cancer Survivors by embracing the LiveSTRONG Lifestyle, and supporting the work of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.