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Fitness Together® Client Review

Fitness Together® Client Review Steve and Laurie Barbey*

"We started Fitness Together because our sedentary lifestyle and our weight was causing us serious concern for our long term health. If we stayed on the path we were on we knew we were headed to a bad place. We joined Fitness Together because we wanted to shed the extra pounds and get healthy.

We had been members of a gym for some time but always lacked the motivation to do what we needed to get done. We joined Fitness Together for direction and accountability. We wanted someone to show us the right way to accomplish our goals and we needed someone to hold us accountable.

Fitness Together delivered. Our trainers have been awesome. They're friendly, real people and they know what they're doing. They offer the right balance between driving motivation and keeping the workouts enjoyable. The experience has been a positive one and we are very happy with the progress they've helped us accomplish."

Here are some of Steve and Laurie's results after just 16 weeks of training:

Steve lost 56.5 pounds, resting heart rate 30 bpm lower, increased push-up test by 40 repetitions, and lost 31.75 total inches.

Laurie lost 25 pounds, 200% improvement in strength, lost 8.1% body fat, and lost 23.5 total inches.