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Segundo Rodriguez Before Photo
Segundo Rodriguez After Photo

Fitness Together® Client Review

Fitness Together® Client Review Segundo Rodriguez*

Segundo came in one evening with a very specific goal. He told us he wanted to lose 80 pounds before his wedding in the spring. I told him we were going to do our part to help him with this. He committed to coming in 5 days a week and in the first 6 weeks, Segundo lost lost 16 pounds. He never missed a session. He always did at least 30 minutes of cardio after his workouts. He puts in 110% every workout. He constantly asks his trainers about healthy eating and is very committed to making the right changes in his life.

At 38 years of age, Segundo is looking forward to losing all the weight and getting his lean shape back. He is excited for his Fiancée to move here from Peru and after their marriage, begin this new phase of life. With his continued hard work, the motivation from his trainers, and his relentless commitment, he is on track to reach his goals.

Segundo has now lost about 80 pounds which was his ultimate goal and he has done everything we ask him to do in order to reach that goal.

He says as long as you truly want results and it is important to them, they can get results. Congratulations Segundo