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Scott Justice Before Photo
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By the way……today, when I’m writing this, I weigh 187.5 lbs and have a BMI of 23.8.

Fitness Together® Client Review Scott Justice*

I had been an overweight person my whole life. Over the last several years I had really packed on the pounds traveling for work and living a very sedentary lifestyle. I do enjoy eating very much. It was one of my favorite things to do. But as I got older, I am 41 years old; my lifestyle began to catch up with me. I was being prescribed more and more medication for various weight/lifestyle related health issues. My health was deteriorating, and I knew it. I also started to feel overweight for the first time in my life. I just looked unhealthy. It was rather a low point in my life. I knew that I needed to change something, my lifestyle, but I had not been, up to this point, willing to make the sacrifices necessary to establish and attain weight loss goals. I had tried diets and exercise in the past but had always fallen short within a few weeks and had given up. If I were going to make this change I knew that I would need help.

In March 2012 I contacted Fitness Together (FT) and spoke to Mike Hall. I was a little hesitant to hire a professional trainer, because of cost, but Mike and I spoke for some time and he convinced me to come in for a 360 fitness assessment. To say the least… was awful. It was embarrassing, to me, to see how out-of-shape that I had become. But that is where I resolved to make the change. The professional trainers at FT came together as one team with one goal. To help me lose weight, get in better shape and to keep me motivated. When I got there in March 2012 I weighed 258.2 pounds and had a BMI reading of 36.5. I was clinically in class 2 obesity. It was sobering. In August 2012, just 5 short months later, I weighed 193.6 pounds and had a BMI reading of 25.1. These dramatic results were due to the fitness education and workout instruction provided from the team at Fitness Together. My whole life and body has changed. The FT team not only encouraged me to work hard at the gym, they encouraged me to do things outside of the gym. I have taken up running on my off days from FT. I plan to begin running 5K races very soon. It is very exciting.

Also, in August 2012, my life and my family’s life changed dramatically, instantly. After I had lost over 60 lbs and had gotten into the best shape, arguably, of my entire life, I had a heart attack. My doctor called it a “major event.” What an understatement! It was a shock to me, my friends and my family. But the one thing that stood out during the whole ordeal is how well my heart stood up to the attacks. My doctor credited the great cardio shape and weight loss that I had undertaken over the past few months. The effort had increased my ability to withstand the attach and, because of the cardio shape and weight loss that I had achieved at FT, increased the probability of survival much, much higher. My wife and I are personally indebted to the whole FT family in Hudson for helping me to get ready for a disease that I had no idea that I had. My doctors expect a full and speedy recovery. I have already, in early October 2012, begun running again and am continuing with strength training at the FT facility in Hudson.

My experience has gone much further than simply training sessions and advice. It has truly become life changing. The team at FT is more than just fitness professionals and training consultants, they have become my friends. They are people that I will never forget and will always think of every time I kiss my wife or hug my daughter. If you want to become part of an experience that will truly change your life, do what I did and give Mike a call, let him explain how the program works and then come in for a fitness assessment. Your investment of time and money will pay you dividends that can only be described as amazing. I have had trouble putting my experience into words. Words almost seem futile as they will never say what I feel in my HEART for the FT team. Mike, Jen, Tonya, Josh, Cody and Brad have all worked hard, as one team, to make sure that I stayed the course. That course helped me to overcome the greatest challenge I had ever faced. Thanks FT. By the way……today, when I’m writing this, I weigh 187.5 lbs and have a BMI of 23.8.