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Fitness Together® Client Review

Fitness Together® Client Review Rachel T*

Impressive Stats:

100 lb weight loss in total. 58 lbs since August of 2006 with Fitness Together! I had hit a significant plateau for six months after losing the initial 40 lbs on my own. Fitness Together broke that plateau and it really started coming off quickly! I am down 16 dress sizes. I am most proud to carry my "before" pictures (I never am without them) to encourage others and show people it can be done.

Why did you decide to work out at Fitness Together?
After meeting the FT staff I felt they could and would deliver the specific things the advertisement promised. They promised to focus on my goals, to uncover what was important to me and that I would be given accountability, encouragement and specific guidance to ensure I met my goals. Clearly, they have delivered!

What factor has been the most helpful to you in achieving your goal?
Being consistent. That means me and Fitness Together! Stay committed. Additionally, I made some specific goals known (long and short term), put them in writing, and my trainer Matt stayed actively involved with those goals.

What tips do you have for others working toward their goals?
Change your thinking first! It’s a progression from, "I won't, I can't, I'd like to, I'll try, I can, I WILL"! A positive resolve of I WILL is 100% of getting things going and being determined to stay with it. Also, if you slip, it's just a slip! Don't be cruel to yourself, just move forward!

What are some of your future fitness goals?
The cover of People Magazine-their annual article Half Their Size so I can brag about Fitness Together.

I will continue my fitness and nutrition plan in order to lose an additional 40 lbs. and will keep these exciting habits (yes they are exciting and yes, they are now habits) for life! The "yoyo" days are over!