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Fitness Together® Client Review Lyn D*

There are moments that mark your life - moments you realize nothing will ever be the same. Being 61 and feeling the aches and pains that sometimes go with age, along with the weight that creeps up over time, I decided to call Fitness Together. I wanted to still keep up with my nine grandchildren and see them all graduate.

I have found with FT just being held accountable makes a big difference. Knowing my personal trainer is there waiting on me has given me the help I needed to get started and keep going, not to mention feeling better physically and mentally. The one-on-one with the trainer makes you feel like they are there to really help YOU. They set up a plan with goals to be met. Your trainer is right there with encouraging words to keep you going even when you think you can't go any more. It's that personal touch. I have a lot more energy throughout the day and my golf game has improved dramatically just having more strength.

I've learned how fitness helps every aspect of life. There is no better way to boost your spirits than by setting and achieving goals.