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Fitness Together® Client Review Dee Iannone*

I first became aware of Fitness Together from one of their clients. I kept running into her. Every time I saw her, she looked even more strikingly athletic than the last time I saw her. She was energetic, fit and had nicely defined arms. I finally had to ask her what she was doing as far as exercise, and she told me about Fitness Together. I was intrigued and wanted to begin workouts there, too. Here is some background about me. I am an experienced "exerciser." I've always loved my workouts and felt invigorated by them. I knew how to handle the aerobics. But I knew that this was not enough as my figure was turning "matronly" on me. Therefore, I had to implement weight training. I also knew that, because of my age and occasional joint problems I had to be certain that I dealt with an expert. I had to be certain that I maintained proper alignment and technique while lifting. I have no time for injury.

When I first began at Fitness Together, I started working with Steve. Steve immediately impressed me and won me over with his extensive knowledge base about the entire musculoskeletal system. His assessment and attention to my current fitness level was straightforward and professional. I knew I was in the right place. Three years after starting at FT, I fell into the love of my life- competitive ballroom dancing (or dancesport). My improving fitness level accelerated my progress in dancesport. My upper and lower body strength, core strength, and flexibility were the specific areas we had been working on and they all tied into dancesport beautifully.

Who would have ever thought, least of all me, that at the age of 60, after raising a family of 6 children I would be having the time of my life! I've competed for 2 years throughout the U.S. winning championships in both my own age group and one age group younger!

Thank you Steve and Jay, for all your dedication to my goals! Your attention to detail and your tailoring my workouts to further enhance my dance abilities are a genuine endorsement of your professionalism!