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Fitness Together® Client Review Bill Moran*

After being active most of my life, I had fallen into a sedentary lifestyle and lacked motivation to get restarted. I needed something to get me going again. I decided to dust off an old goal to complete a marathon and started looking for help to get me there.

I found Lenny and the staff at Fitness Together - Waxhaw. We reviewed my goals and created a personalized training schedule tailored to me. The professional trainers did more than just get me restarted; they helped me establish a fitness routine that became part of my daily activities. Seven months later, I completed my first marathon. Two years later, I have completed 5 marathons and have qualified for the Boston Marathon. I’m still training and continue to improve my running and overall fitness every day.

I credit Fitness Together for pulling me out of my rut and getting me back on track. I may have done it alone, but the trainers helped get me motivated and made it easy to stay focused and train the right way.