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The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
take the first step

2 Free Weeks Of Personal Training!

No more "I'll start tomorrow," "...after the weekend," or " week." Submit this form to get started now.

  • "The entire team are always focused on working with you to help you keep up your energy to get the best out of each training session. I love the way each trainer can see your potential, even if you can’t at the start or when trying something new to improve, and then how they keep you on track to get results. "   ― N. M.

  • "Trainers are professional, well prepared and friendly. Fun atmosphere. "   ― K. L.

  • "Dedication of trainers "   ― B. C.

  • "The staff is friendly and professional. The space is always clean. I do appreciate the trainers cleaning the equipment after every client ‘s session."   ― A. M.

  • "One:one training, adapted for each individual ‘s situation. Friendly, supportive and well trained staff to work with. "   ― G. C.

  • "Highly professional team who motivate you extremely well to achieve your goals."   ― M. M.

  • "Custom to my needs"   ― E. B.

  • "The entire staff is fantastic at both their jobs and as people. "   ― T. F.

  • "The trainers are great"   ― M. B.

  • "This place is fun but does serious training according to your needs. Skillful trainers. Friendly atmosphere. "   ― K. L.

  • "I like that each workout is specific to me and my goals. Goals are set about every five weeks with an assessment given to measure improvement. Each workout is different and the trainers rotate, so you are doing a new workout each time. All of the trainers are knowledgeable about the body and are quick to correct form to allow for proper movement of the exercise. I really enjoy Fitness Together and look forward to achieving my goals with the guidance and direction of the team at the Chagrin Falls location. "   ― L. L.

  • "I have connected with trainers that provide personal service and whos personalities motivate me to continue my fitness goals. I'm in the best shape of my life!"   ― D. S.

  • "best qualified trainers in town! You will find no one better! I’ve truly tried, lost 30 pounds!!!!"   ― A. H.

  • "The team at Chagrin Falls support you all the way. I have made so much progress since joining FT and would never have achieved this without their help and encouragement. I enjoy working towards the goals we agree at my monthly assessments and then the pride I feel when I meet that goal ready for my next challenge!! Thanks guys!! "   ― N. M.

  • "Trainers are knowledgeable and friendly. Other clients are friendly too. A relaxing but worthwhile place to work out. "   ― K. L.

  • "Personal commitment of my trainer "   ― D. B.

  • "The fact that its personalized to each person"   ― G. T.

  • "Everything! I love having set appointments for my workouts. The trainers are fantastic! Always pushing me to do my best. Creative and fun workouts. FT is spotless. I really appreciate that."   ― L. M. Z.

  • "Personalized help and workout plan that keeps me focused on the goals they helped me set. Friendly and knowledgeable staff (John, Jen, Nolan). John pushes me just enough to keep the progress without overdoing it so as to avoid injury. "   ― D. S.

  • "I love it that the whole team get behind you and genuinely want to see you improve, whether it’s cardio, nutrition or strength training. Making the commitment each week is now showing its benefits and I am really feeling much more energized and wanting to do more. I still have times however when my motivation isn’t where it should be and that’s when the guys are at the best, encouraging you and raising your determination even more. Thanks guys! "   ― N. M.

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