Small group personal training at Fitness Together

Private Group Training! Enter the PACK

Small Group Personal Training- Small Group, Big Results.

"Free PACK Week-Experience PACK training for free during the week of 24th of September 2012"

PACK is a powerful new dimension in our training regimen to optimize your fitness program and your budget.

In a group of 2 -4 people and a Certified Personal Traininer, you'll experience working out like never before following a systematic program designed to get result in a private small group setting.  There really is strength in numbers and our Private Group Training proves it!

Why do PACK?

PACK adds a strong group dynamic for added energy and fun - the time will fly!

PACK sessions will not put a strain on your budget and are paid month to month.

PACK training maintains your direct and collaborative relationship with our training staff.

"Submit your info and we'll call you to confirm to you for a time that works for you"



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Small group personal training at Fitness Together