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Nov 10, 2018 by A. C.

Oct 31, 2018 by G. M.
"Everyone really cares about how you are doing with their program and are always will to go the extra mile to keep you in the right track. They also make sure that you are doing everything correctly and will correct you if you are not. This way you don’t hurt yourself and get the maximum benefit of each exercise and stretch you do. "

Oct 23, 2018 by J. P.
"Hands down the best trainers around "

Oct 15, 2018 by B. R.
"The personalized and attentive support from the trainers at Fitness Together is unequalled, and believe me, I have attempted exercise programs at a variety of studios, "warehouses" and trendy classes. "

Oct 12, 2018 by R. E.
"Personally tailored!"

Oct 11, 2018 by A. M.
"Fitness Together Burlington is a place where the needs of each individual is taken seriously. The owners and staff are fully dedicated and strive to assist their clientele to reach his or her potential. They guide each person in all areas of health. I personally have made progress and feel more energized since becoming a member of this great studio!"

Oct 3, 2018 by R. P.
"Caring factor about each person. One-on-One is a great experience. Awareness of performing moves and exercises properly without injury."

Sep 30, 2018 by S. S.
"Workouts are always different and progressively more challenging. Trainers are engaging and sessions fly by!"

Sep 26, 2018 by B. C.
"I love how the training are geared to address my "problem" areas. I have already noticed a difference in the way my clothes feel. "

Sep 24, 2018 by C. C.
"I love the one on one relationship you get with your trainer.. Plus I also like the set schedule."

Sep 23, 2018 by J. S.
"Fitness together rocks!! Super caring trainers who help all there clients with there individual goals and needs ❤️❤️"

Sep 20, 2018 by J. J.
"My workouts are tailored to me and actually make me want to go! I continue to progress month after month. The entire staff is knowledgeable, encouraging and genuine."

Sep 17, 2018 by L. F.
"Love everyone I've worked with! I do wish I could manage my account - log in to see how many sessions are left"

Sep 12, 2018 by A. B.
"The trainers"

Sep 12, 2018 by P. H.
"Never did I fully appreciate that a physical training journey begins with the first step – the first step into the studio. Last January I hobbled into FT - Burlington, not knowing what to expect. I could not get down to the floor or up without assistance. I could not even high step the length of the room without feeling like I was going to fall over. The trainers, led by Brendan Stapleton and Lauren Stapleton, have transformed me into a new person. Others include Maria, Jennifer, James, Joe, and Adam. I have had them all and they are great – each trainer bringing their unique energy to the room. Every session is carefully planned to push me to what MY current limits are and motivates me to the edge of these boundaries for that day. Each workout, my margins are again expanded. Today, I am walking tall and straight and have a kick in my step. I am even surprising myself! Thank you Fitness Together - Burlington"

Sep 9, 2018 by A. C.
"Flexibility "

Aug 30, 2018 by G. M.
"Everyone one is so helpful and friendly. They take interest in your health and wellness "

Aug 22, 2018 by T. M.
"Great trainers, excellent facilities, results oriented, motivating workouts"

Aug 22, 2018 by M. M.
"The program can be tailored to me. Any problems or injuries that I have are addressed immediately. The Staff at Fitness Together Burlington are extraordinary they have become like family to me."

Aug 18, 2018 by J. B.
"I have been going to FT Burlington for over 1 year now and have been very pleased. I requested training to maintain strength, flexibility, and prevent injury while playing golf. My workouts have been awesome. I have increased my rotation, gained endurance, and been able to play at my best level. I have been going to the gym for years but have lacked the proper skills to challenge myself with new workouts. Every time I go to FT, I am given a different workout. My trainers are always attentive to proper form and inspire to become stronger while staying within my limits of ability. It's not just about weight training but also stretching, balance, and coordination. I carry this knowledge to the gym and keep the flow going. If they could only teach me how to putt, I'd be all set. Thank you very much. John Braceland"

Reviews Provided by Listen360