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Apr 9, 2018 by B. R.
"Definitely the welcoming atmosphere and the trainer's ability and expertise in tailoring the routines to be challenging and achievable"

Apr 7, 2018 by J. S.
"I love how the trainers just give you so much attention also they want to see you succeed xo I am so glad I joined you are all family to me people join you will be very pleased the atmosphere is friendly and warm and inviting xo Thank you fitness together you are the best "

Apr 6, 2018 by J. C.
"Great staff, flexible scheduling, and great attitudes from everyone there."

Apr 4, 2018 by L. S.
"Fitness Together has been a wonderful help for me. I have arthritis in my right shoulder which has caused frequent pain. Because of the stretching and strength training at FT, my shoulder has improved and is now pain free. Within just a few months, I've learned how to use my arm, using proper technique, to lift heavier objects again. I look forward to all of my appointments, and continuing towards my goals of being active, fit and strong. Thank you Fitness Together!"

Apr 4, 2018 by M. M.
"Great group of people training. Really love the atmosphere. Take care of every need. Location is super clean like lab level clean. "

Mar 31, 2018 by J. M.
"I like working out with Lauren, she always makes my body feel better after each session"

Mar 28, 2018 by R. L.
"I've been going to Fitness Together for almost 6 months now, and I feel great! Getting back into a regular exercise routine has been a struggle for me the past few years. I have a very busy schedule, but making the commitment to get to the gym a few days a week has been huge! I've noticed a big change in my mood, body and overall attitude. The staff in Burlington are great - I've always been one to go to a gym, work out and leave without getting to know anyone. It's different here. The staff make you feel a part of and welcome like a family. I would highly recommend Fitness Together to anyone. It's changed my life for the better and I plan to keep it up! Robin Lyness"

Mar 28, 2018 by L. L.
"FT Burlington is the best. Amazing trainers, new Work out every time. The team has a vested interest in your goals and success. They keep you accountable! "

Mar 20, 2018 by E. M.
"Number one reason is the personalized service! You all have mastered the ability to be flexible to the needs of my body. From dealing with functional mobility to sprained wrists and tennis elbow to just bad headspace you are the best at modifying and rewriting programs to meet the needs of whatever is going on in my body! Thank you!!!!"

Mar 20, 2018 by B. V.
"Everyone is on your team - no matter what level of physical capabilities you have or dream of, there is just an absolute positive environment that makes you feel supported but capable to pushing yourself a little or a lot more than you thought you could. "

Mar 16, 2018 by C. C.
"I like the one on one service"

Mar 14, 2018 by P. H.
"The consistency of the training and the openness of the trainers."

Mar 12, 2018 by S. P.
"Three months in...still loving it!"

Mar 11, 2018 by D. C.
"The FT staff make working out challenging while also keeping it interesting and (mostly) fun. You really become like a part of a family. "

Mar 7, 2018 by D. W.
"Trainers continue to get training and education on new and more effective techniques to bring back to clients. Brendan and the trainers continue to show that they care about the studio and its appearance (periodic refreshes of paint and better flow within the studio). They also bring in new equipment to make the programs more interesting and functional. "

Mar 4, 2018 by B. P.
"I like that the workout is tailored not only to the needs of each client - but adapted in the spot to accommodate any injuries or trouble the client may have. In addition they work to prevent further injuries by strengthening the body to prevent recurrence. Not only that, you are made to feel welcome and at home by all the staff. "

Mar 2, 2018 by P. B.
"You make a difference!"

Feb 23, 2018 by C. M.
"I just finished my first year at FT and I am extremely happy I decided to sign up. The trainers are excellent. They customize the training plan to what you want to do and what your body can do. I highly recommend FT."

Feb 20, 2018 by M. M.
"I have learned how to workout the right way. The staff is caring and always in tune to my individual needs. The people at Fitness Together Burlington make all the difference it feels like a family."

Feb 8, 2018 by L. G.
"Great staff! Very flexible! The workout is custom to who I am and what my goal is. Love this place!"

Reviews Provided by Listen360