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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Nov 18, 2020 by B. R.
"You may not be aware of this but working with your Fitness Together trainer improves road safety. One benefit of strength and resiliency work in improving range of motion and now I am actually flexible enough to watch for oncoming traffic; humor aside, in the past the range of motion was tight, for example reaching behind my back to secure a necklace clasp could be a struggle. There are many other great factors in working out with a FT trainer, increased strength, movement and vitality. Spending your time and money at FT is an investment in health and well-being, you know the saying "you're worth it" , #agestrong #bestrong "

Nov 18, 2020 by K. D.
"I like the trainers, the type of exercises that are performed and the friendly environment "

Nov 12, 2020 by C. A.
"Adam and Lauren are amazing! "

Nov 11, 2020 by S. S.
"I have been training at Fitness Together for the last five years. The trainers are nothing short of excellent and customize my workout not only to my goals and abilities, but how to I'm feeling on that particular day. Their dedication to each client and personal investment to seeing them succeed amazes me and is what makes me a client for life. Steve S."

Nov 4, 2020 by R. E.
"Perfectly tailored to their clients goals!"

Nov 3, 2020 by B. C.
"Each of the Trainers at FT are awesome ! Highly professional and very knowledgeable. I would not think of going anywhere else to have the one on one training they provide. "

Nov 2, 2020 by N. K.
"I love the way my personal trainers keep me motivated and encourage me to challenge myself. The personal trainers also watch my posture to make sure l don't injure myself when lifting weights. I love that my personal trainers make exercise fun."

Oct 29, 2020 by R. N.
"You guys keep me alive and kicking Always feel better at the end of a session than when I started. "

Oct 28, 2020 by C. C.
"The one on one personalized training plan that changes monthly. "

Oct 27, 2020 by D. W.
"Tailored/adapted workouts based on deficiencies and gains/improvements."

Oct 25, 2020 by R. L.
"Great trainers "

Oct 25, 2020 by C. K.
"Keeps you accountable. The trainers are top notch. They are aware of how the body functions so they are able to work around injuries but build up the areas at the same time. The workouts are hard enough that you feel accomplished each session but not so hard that you would feel discouraged. Highly recommend. "

Oct 22, 2020 by L. T.
"I love the friendliness of all the staff and the one on one training. The facility is extremely safe and clean. The concern to only have a few people in at a time is great. The ability to switch to virtual training if the need becomes necessary is another plus. I highly recommend Fitness Together. The ability of the staff to keep you accountable is another plus. "

Oct 13, 2020 by A. J.
"The small community feel both at the actual facility and online. It's very personal and doesn't feel as business-y"

Oct 8, 2020 by J. D.
"The training staff."

Oct 3, 2020 by P. A.
"The trainers are amazing!! Each one of them. Fitness together works with your personal goals and ensure that your workout is exactly tailored to your body. "

Sep 24, 2020 by A. S.
"Clean environment, helpful staff and keeping me consistent as well as stronger week to week!"

Sep 3, 2020 by B. R.
"Friendly knowledgeable staff, varied challenging exercise routine"

Aug 23, 2020 by N. K.
"I love my sessions with my personal trainer Brianna, she makes my personal training sessions fun and challenging."

Aug 23, 2020 by C. C.
"The one on one training sessions and the changes every month in my work out plans."

Reviews Provided by Listen360