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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Sep 3, 2020 by B. R.
"Friendly knowledgeable staff, varied challenging exercise routine"

Aug 23, 2020 by N. K.
"I love my sessions with my personal trainer Brianna, she makes my personal training sessions fun and challenging."

Aug 23, 2020 by C. C.
"The one on one training sessions and the changes every month in my work out plans."

Aug 21, 2020 by L. T.
"I love the one on one and how friendly the whole staff is. Doing everything right!"

Aug 20, 2020 by J. S.
"Fitness together is like one big happy Family they are the best professional trainers who help each person with there needs and goals to have a healthy and productive life thank you all for helping me with all of my injuries and helping me not fall and if I do you guys are right there to catch me I could not even walk well when I first started now doing much better thanks to all the trainers for there kindness and compassion. In conclusion people give them a try you will be glad you did "

Aug 18, 2020 by B. C.
"I love all the trainers at Fitness Together. I leave there knowing I got a good workout. They also help with my nutrition and give me great pointers on how to handle my weight and those food cravings that we all have. Their team is fantastic !"

Aug 11, 2020 by G. G.
"Staff is professional and compassionate. They care about your well being with a balanced approach. "

Aug 8, 2020 by A. J.
"Relaxed atmosphere and I've been impressed by you all's ability to adjust to different circumstances thrown at you both with COVID and with just how my body feels day to day."

Aug 7, 2020 by J. D.
"I have been a part of FT for over a decade! During that time my numbers have gone down along with my weight. Each trainer has shown great interest in my health and well being and have become an integral part of my life. They are family to one another and their clients. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. "

Aug 2, 2020 by C. R.
"The trainers are exceptional."

Jul 22, 2020 by M. M.
"The personal attention the workouts are tailored to my strengths and weaknesses. The staff and clients have become friends"

Jul 22, 2020 by J. P.
"The staff is unmatched. Not only are they all extremely well educated in the field of physical fitness they all possess a passion, a drive and a commitment to making people fit and healthy. "

Jul 14, 2020 by D. F.
"The trainers are great. All different, all fun to train with. "

Jul 4, 2020 by S. S. C.
"The staff at FT are family with my best interests, fitness, and health goals in mind. They take the best care of me, while varying routines and workouts and pushing a little to help me build better habits. I am stronger everyday and feel infinitely better. So glad I joined and I look forward to every session! "

Jul 1, 2020 by J. K.
"Personal attention in training!"

Jun 27, 2020 by J. F.
"Very personalized and fun"

Jun 18, 2020 by D. N.
"They are committed to keeping you healthy and giving great structure for you to succeed!!"

Jun 18, 2020 by L. T.
"Love the one on one training and all the trainers are super knowledgeable and they take into effect all your abilities and non abilities. Everyone is super friendly and very upbeat and encouraging. "

Jun 17, 2020 by B. C.
"The trainers at Fitness Together have been fantastic over the last two years that I have been training with them... They are always friendly, offer great advice about training outside of the regular gym hours to get even better results for myself and they also help me with the nutritional aspect to keep my health and weight in tip-top fashion. Even during this pandemic situation, they are still there for their clients and have implemented virtual training's done in my own home, which has been a big help keeping me active and my weight under control. "

Jun 13, 2020 by L. T.
"Personal attention!!"

Reviews Provided by Listen360