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Fitness Together: New Location, Same Goals

Sep 6, 2011

Fitness Together, recently moved to its new location at 212 Cambridge St., has kept the same dedication to health and fitness it always had. The newly renovated space offers more room for clients to train and work out in.

Brendan Stapleton, owner and manager of Fitness Together, has an impressive background in fitness and sports being active in swimming, skiing and running. Stapleton graduated from St. Josephs of Maine with a degree in exercise science. Soon after graduating he began working at Fitness Together as a trainer then general manager. Four years later he took ownership of the Burlington Fitness Together, Dec. 2010.

Stapleton went to school with Nathan Partridge who is one of the trainers; Partridge has his pro card in body building. Robin Magazini is another trainer at Fitness Together. After having her two children she decided to go back to school to qualify herself to be a trainer and pursue her passion for fitness. Trainers at Fitness Together need to be career oriented and love what they do. It’s this enthusiasm for fitness that rubs off on clients motivating them to succeed in reaching their goals. As the business is growing Stapleton will hire more trainers to accommodate clients, 1 to 1.

There are many elements involved in being fit: nutrition, strength training and cardio. All these elements should be balanced in a personal program geared to a person’s lifestyle and needs. Fitness Together gives people the one on one attention and education in training and nutrition. Clients come in to be trained by appointment. No one is lost in a large gym without guidance. In fact their slogan is "one trainer, one client, one goal." Programs are designed to a person’s lifestyle whether they’re at a computer all day or on the move. The goal here is to be a source of information, educating and helping people succeed. Customized programs are what Fitness Together is all about. People have different ideas of what it means to be in shape. Trainers at Fitness Together do the prep work designed with the client in mind, they discuss goals, do a fitness assessment, and work with flexibility, stamina and nutrition. Younger kids want to gain confidence to play and succeed in school sports. Older clients want to be healthy and increase their bone density in order to avoid injury.

Corrective exercises and post injury therapy is offered at Fitness Together. It’s therapy for the client after he sees the doctor. Exercise can correct rounded shoulders, for example, as well as knee, lower back or neck pain.

“Poor posture can be corrected with the right exercise”, explains Stapleton.

Stapleton remembers one client who lost 100 pounds in 182 days. Fitness Together has received many testimonials from satisfied clients. The combination of exercise and good nutrition can do wonders for one’s body, mind and quality of life. The website has a list of testimonials,

Fitness Together sponsored a youth race that the kids of the Woburn Boys & Girls Club ran in. They hope to start a youth running club for Burlington and Woburn.

Stapleton and trainer, Peter Agiros ran in the Boston Marathon, 2011, to raise money and give support to the Nashoba Learning Group, a school for autistic children in Bedford, MA. They were joined by 2 mothers of autistic children that have children at the NLG. Stapleton has 2 of the Nashoba Learning Group students working at FT giving them a chance to interact in a different environment from the school. This fall Stapleton will be running in the Chicago Marathon, to raise money for St. Jude’s hospital.

“I’m a sucker for kids’” says Stapleton.

Come September Stapleton will have an open house to celebrate the new location.


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